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The independent innovation ability of mining machinery industry needs to be further strengthened

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due to the impact of the financial crisis, many enterprises at home and abroad are facing a dual crisis of operation and survival. This has also directly aggravated the competitive enterprise banner of China's mining machinery industry: RMB 4000/piece; Exhibition at the negotiation table: RMB 6000 (the enterprise has its own X-frame publicity materials). If it is complacent and does not want to make progress, the dual crisis of operation and survival will make it difficult for the mining machinery industry. How can we make a breakthrough in this competition? Accelerating scientific and technological innovation is an unquestionable choice

at present, mining enterprises are facing the following problems, both opportunities and problems:

1. Infrastructure construction brings opportunities for the development of mining machinery:

the application field of mining machinery is closely related to infrastructure construction, and there will be a large market in the future. Moreover, under the financial crisis, China has issued a series of policies and measures to stimulate domestic demand and ensure stable and faster economic development. Among them, the State Council recently invested 4trillion yuan in "maintaining growth" measures, which has stimulated a new round of investment enthusiasm of local * *, and "livelihood projects" have become the number one focus of investment

in the local * * investment plan, the focus is still on infrastructure projects such as railways, highways, power plants, real estate, which are closely related to China's mining machinery industry. This will provide new opportunities for the development of China's mining machinery industry. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements. It is necessary for the mining machinery industry to speed up scientific and technological innovation, improve scientific and technological content, and strive for a larger and broader market in the future with technology

2. Low scientific and technological content hinders the pace of industry development:

compared with the international advanced level, China's mining machinery as a whole lags behind by 15 to 20 years, and most of the technology sources of products are imported from abroad after the mid-1980s. The market share of mining machinery products in the domestic market is less than 80%, and most of the imported products are large, fine, sharp and complete sets, such as shearers, large-scale and efficient separation equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, full face combined roadheader and other products

the scientific and technological foundation of the mining machinery industry is not strong. Since the reform and opening up, the mining machinery industry has been taking the market for technology as the main way to improve the technical level of products. Throughout the development of mechanical design in the world, it is mainly the evolution process from single machine product design to single machine product process design and then to complete set of equipment process design. China's general mining machinery manufacturing has only completed the design and manufacturing of single machine products, and the process design of equipment use is done by professional design institutes. The technical requirements of single machine products are also put forward by professional design institutes and assisted by manufacturers, which has caused the disconnection between equipment manufacturers and equipment user departments. Therefore, in the current situation that the process design of enterprises in the mining machinery manufacturing industry is still relatively weak, in addition to organizing forces to enter the role as soon as possible in the professional field with good conditions, we should establish different forms of alliances with foreign companies and domestic professional design institutes, including the formation of groups, consortiums, the introduction of technology, the introduction of talents and other methods, and at least strive to adopt the method of joint design on a certain engineering project, First intervene and then improve, so as to achieve a win-win situation. Most of the results of bidding with similar enterprises are not only better than the workbench

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