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Recently, the gas phase polyethylene (PE) 7.5.1 size deviation and appearance quality slurry type catalyst (pge-101) independently developed by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute has been applied to Jilin Petrochemical 274000 ton/year linear low-density polyethylene plant. 2. It is suitable to take high feed temperature and high mold temperature to complete the industrial promotion under super condensing production conditions, All indicators have reached the level of imported catalysts

pge-101 realizes the stable operation of the device under the harsh conditions of supercondensation, stable process control, catalytic activity of more than 20000 times, and product bulk density of 0 39g/cm3。 Compared with similar catalysts at home and abroad, pge-101 has the characteristics of stable activity release, low content of fine powder in polymerization products, narrow particle size distribution, less flakes in the device, sensitive hydrogen regulation of catalyst, outstanding copolymerization performance, good polymer particle morphology, etc

through the combination of carrier surface modification and spray drying and other scientific means, the researchers of Daqing Chemical Research Center of Sinopec academy have overcome the core technical problems of particle morphology control in catalyst preparation. During the start-up and operation, the scientific researchers deeply understood the technical difficulties of the supercondensation operation applicable to hard plastics, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics and cast stone, formulated the technical scheme, defined the quality index of the catalyst, and conducted 9 pilot tests of the catalyst in the most advanced gas-phase full density polyethylene pilot plant in China, which solved the problems of long catalyst induction time, system fluid accumulation, fluidization retention Technical problems such as reactor flaking

at present, the production capacity of PetroChina's gas-phase polyethylene unit is 2.6 million tons/year, and 100 tons of slurry catalyst are required every year. However, the perfect mandatory standard system in this market is almost monopolized by foreign companies and a few domestic catalyst plants. The high price of imported catalyst, long purchase cycle and poor stability of catalyst batch often lead to fluctuations in unit production, excessive transition materials and poor product quality

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