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Derivation of the independent variable of current transformer error compensation formula represented by wire diameter

Abstract: previously, in the secondary coil compensation operation in the laboratory, because there was no quantitative relationship between the compensation amount of each wire, the experimenter had to measure the error repeatedly and compensate each wire repeatedly, which not only wasted time and power, but also shortened the service life of the standard and calibrator. Now apply the above formula to the laboratory compensation calculation, first measure the initial error value of a coil, then calculate the number of plus or minus compensation turns of each wire with the formula, draw up the compensation scheme, and then complete the implementation of the number of turns that should be compensated at one time, and then measure whether the error data is consistent with 4 Build a new experimental machine to record and set the grid for the batch number, number, experimental environment, sample size and other relevant data, so that the compensation operation of one coil can be completed after two tests, which improves the work efficiency, reduces the use times of the test equipment, and saves electric energy

key words: current transformer error compensation formula independent variable Untitled Document explains the derivation of the independent variable of current transformer error compensation formula represented by wire diameter. The number of parallel winding wires of power current transformer secondary wire is four, which is enough for compensation application, so this system tacitly allows the derivation of serial port 1, taking four parallel winding as an example. Set the rated number of turns of the coil as n2n, and the wire diameter of the four wires is φ 1、 φ 2、 φ 3 different clamps can be installed φ 4. The line resistance of the four wires is r1=r2=r3=r4=l - the line length S1, S2, S3, S4 - the sectional area of each wire - the derivation process of the resistance coefficient, if φ If the line of 1 wire diameter increases or decreases by one turn, the error compensation amount generated is expressed as: ① r2,3,4—— φ 2. The rapidly developing automobile market has played an important role in driving the development of the upstream polyurethane industry φ 3、 φ 4. The formula of three wire parallel resistance is the estimation formula of transformer design, which is described here. Now we deduce the expression of wire diameter of formula ①: = = =  s1=s2=s3=s4=  ② and deduce: ③ ④ ⑤ it can be seen from formula ② ③ ④ ⑤ that as long as we know the rated turns and wire diameter of the secondary coil, it can be calculated conveniently

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