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The industry chain of the coating industry is taking shape

the industry chain of the coating industry is taking shape

October 12, 2004

last week, the 9th China international coatings, inks and surface treatment Exhibition (asiacoat2004), which attracted the attention of insiders, was successfully held in Beijing. More than 300 exhibitors and more than 10000 professional visitors from 18 countries and regions witnessed this event

compared with previous exhibitions, a prominent feature of this exhibition is the appearance of many manufacturers of finished paint products, such as nippon, Haihong old man, China Resources, garberry, lighthouse. Check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in hardware parameters have been manually changed, Lehua, etc. in addition, Shanghai paint, red lion, adiran and other enterprises that continue to participate in the exhibition, so that the exhibition covers the entire paint industry chain. Today, when the rising price of raw materials leads to the increasingly meager profits of enterprises, it is of great significance that these backbone forces in the coating industry can invest a lot of money and manpower to participate in the exhibition. First of all, it reflects the response of enterprises to the appeal of industry organizations and the trust in organizational ability. Secondly, it reflects the importance that enterprises attach to establishing brand image. Third, it shows that enterprises pay attention to the business opportunities brought by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Just as Wang Zhuo, President of China Paint Industry Association, commented, the successful holding of this exhibition shows that the socialized service system of China paint industry organizations is gradually maturing

talking about the coverage of the whole industry chain, the 21st national coating industry information annual conference and the 2nd international color plate and coating forum held at the same time with this exhibition also made a breakthrough in this regard. In the past, when the coating industry organized technical conferences, the participants were often limited to finished product manufacturers and raw material and equipment suppliers. However, one third of the participants in this annual information conference came from steel and other related industries, forming a face-to-face exchange of the whole industry chain from coating raw materials, coating products, coating equipment to color plate production and color plate users. This form of industry service is what our coating industry urgently needs. On the one hand, through communication with upstream enterprises, paint enterprises are provided with the latest information on raw materials and equipment that is crucial to the development of new products and the improvement of the quality of existing products. The African Union issued the "206 harmonic interference can not be ignored in the three-year agenda". On the other hand, through direct communication with downstream users, we can fully understand their actual needs and their development status and trends, which is of great benefit to coating enterprises in formulating their own development strategies and establishing the market positioning of products. The emergence of this conference mode is also a feature of the socialized service system of coating industry organizations and a sign of their gradual maturity

in our view, coating products are only an intermediate link. In the process of coating product development and production, if we leave the support of the upstream, there will be a situation that it is difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without straw. If we are divorced from the needs of downstream users, we can only make things behind closed doors. Only by closely linking the coating production enterprises with upstream and downstream enterprises can this industry achieve real and healthy development, and the responsibility of the coating industry service organization in terms of exhibitions and conferences lies here

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