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Bureau of Statistics: last year, the industrial added value exceeded 30 trillion

Bureau of Statistics: last year, the industrial added value exceeded 30 trillion

July 11, 2019

the National Bureau of statistics released the third series of reports on the achievements of economic and social development in the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China on July 10. The report shows that China's industrial production has advanced by leaps and bounds, and its economic strength has increased significantly. In 2018, China's industrial added value exceeded 30 trillion yuan. Calculated at constant prices, 2018 was 56.4 times higher than that in 1978, with an average annual growth of 10.7% if the tested products were 1m. China has been the largest manufacturing country in the world for nine consecutive years

The report points out that the international influence of China's industry has undergone historic changes. According to the world bank data, measured in current dollars, in 2010, the manufacturing added value of China, the model country that works for the world, surpassed that of the United States for the first time, becoming the world's largest manufacturing country. Since then, China has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. In 2017, China's manufacturing added value accounted for 27.0% of the world, becoming an important engine driving global industrial growth

the report also shows that in 2018, state-owned holding industrial enterprises achieved a total profit of 1858.3 billion yuan, an increase of 658 times over 1952. State owned enterprises continue to optimize their strategic layout and play a leading role in the verification of verification levers and resignation weights in important industries and key fields related to the lifeline of the national economy. In 2018, the main business income of state-owned holding enterprises accounted for 93.2% and 91.7% of the industry respectively in the oil and gas exploration industry and the power production and supply industry, and in the industry where the coal de capacity task was completed five years later; In oil processing, metallurgy, nonferrous metals and other important raw material industries, the proportion of state-owned holding industries is between 37.0% and 61.1%

in 2018, the number of private enterprises in Industrial Enterprises above designated size has exceeded half, and the total assets, main business income and total profits accounted for more than 20%. By the end of 2018, the number of industrial enterprises invested by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan businessmen above Designated Size in the mainland had reached 23000, attracting 9.56 million jobs, and the main business income was 9.9 trillion yuan. In 2018, the number of foreign-invested industrial enterprises above Designated Size reached 25000, attracting 9.31 million jobs, and the main business income was 14 trillion yuan

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