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Customer story: an indissoluble bond with Lovol

Hu Kaisheng, from Gucheng Town, Changting County, Longyan City, Fujian Province, is a senior user of Lovol equipment. In recent years, he has been engaged in earthwork, Quarrying and other engineering businesses. Six years ago, due to the needs of the development of engineering business, Hu Kaisheng purchased a Lovol excavator with the model of fr220e. After years of use, this excavator has sufficient power, high efficiency The feature of low fuel consumption has won Hu Kaisheng huge profits and many development opportunities

Lovol excavator is working

quality assurance is indestructible

every time he sees this fr220e excavator, Hu Kaisheng will inadvertently show a trace of warmth in his eyes. "Never has an excavator been able to work for so long", Hu Kaisheng said that if it is regarded as a human being, the youth of this equipment is dedicated to me

the Lovol fr220e excavator in front of us exudes the breath of the times. Rust, dust, steel slag and looming Lovol gold also form Lovol's unique "camouflage" color. Why did the performance remain the same for six years? Hu Kaisheng has his own secret. "Since I bought the equipment, I always insisted on purchasing original spare parts from Lovol for maintenance. During this period, some friends recommended some cheap accessories in the market, but I never bought them. If I want to serve this guy well, it can still fight with us for a few more six years."

Lovol excavator is in operation

good reputation

speaking of fate with this equipment, Hu Kaisheng said, "Everything is difficult at the beginning. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, every penny of expenditure was calculated carefully and carefully. At that time, there were also excavators with joint venture brands. However, after many visits and inquiries, it was found that Lovol brand excavators were much cheaper than joint venture brands, but they were no worse than joint venture brands. Several friends who used Lovol equipment said that Lovol equipment was easy to use, fuel-efficient and profitable. After careful consideration, I chose Lovol." The results proved that my choice was right. After using this equipment, I found that it had high cost performance, stable work, low fuel consumption, and few defects. The equipment had been used for so many years without any major problems. During this period, there was only a small fault due to an operation error. Lovol service personnel arrived at the scene within two hours, and it was fixed in twos and threes, without delaying work

in recent years, Hu Kaisheng has been using Lovol equipment, and he also recommended that villagers buy Lovol to test the sealing performance of test pieces after drop and pressure tests. Porous base adsorption method makes use of a large number of small porous products in porous media materials to get rich together. With the extensive promotion of Hu Kai's technology research team in combination with actual students, their village has continuously added fiveorsix Lovol equipment, especially when the experimental load is large. "Our village is Lovol village", Hu Kaisheng joked, "for so many years, we are very satisfied with the quality and service of Lovol equipment, and Lovol has always adhered to integrity-based, which makes us very relieved."

in recent years, although the construction machinery industry has shown a downward trend, private work is indeed not easy, but I think experienced and powerful operators can resist risks. Hu Kaisheng said that with Lovol's intelligent, efficient, reliable and worry-free equipment, it can help me finish my work smoothly and still make some achievements. In particular, Lovol has recently launched a new machine with a free maintenance package, so that the machine can enjoy longer and more perfect service guarantee, and it also provides a reliable umbrella for our users

with the booming business, Hu Kaisheng also plans to purchase another Lovol equipment this year, because he believes that choosing Lovol is choosing success

strength to create the future

Longyan agent, an accessory for Lovol excavator fr220, introduced: "I am the agent of Lovol engineering machinery group, Fujian Longyan. My biggest feeling about Lovol is that Lovol engineering machinery group attaches great importance to technology research and development and is able to meet the personalized needs of customers. At present, the first and only enterprise in the industry to establish a research and development center in Japan is Lovol. Of course, Lovol has always been the spirit of integrity first, which gives our agents great confidence.". Shi Xinglin, chairman of Fujian Longyan Haibo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said that a product can save the user's worry, and the agents can only have the confidence to promote it. Lovol has always insisted on speaking with quality. At present, it has formed a three capability center of "product creation + commodity manufacturing + service support", and insists on providing customers with the most comprehensive service and the most powerful technical support

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