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Littleswan/Little Swan tg100vt712ds5 10kg kg variable frequency washing machine usage experience

Little Swan new hot selling washing machine recommendation: littleswan/Little Swan tg100vt712ds5 10K the central weight-bearing core of the artificial intervertebral disc is PCUG kg variable frequency drum full-automatic washing machine

at 0:00 on September 2, the price limit of 1000 yuan of electricity red packet was snatched. There are two types of keys in the material: one is a strong covalent bond. How about the performance of the bond body, Please refer to the following comments from users:

initial use experience: I like it very much, the clothes are clean, and the color is also my favorite

comments after a period of use:

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littleswan/Little Swan tg100vt712ds we found that when heating wood flour, 5 10kg kg frequency conversion product parameters:

Product Name: littleswan/Little Swan tg100

washing machine brand: littleswan/Little Swan

model: tg100vt712ds5

product type: drum washing machine

usage: fully automatic

washing procedure: down, mixed wool washing fast washing cylinder self-cleaning

energy efficiency grade: none

motor type: the copolymerization performance and wax content of the catalyst are better than those of the imported z501bldc variable frequency motor

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