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Xiaoji/minij minij 6 mini roller baby children's washing machine how to use comments

how to use it is as follows: yellow is very beautiful. It can be used by both male and female babies. It will have a great impact on relevant industries. It is specially bought to wash clothes for babies. The perfect protection function is just the size. Clothes can be washed every oneortwo days in spring and autumn. The operation is very convenient. My mother-in-law can teach it. Although there is a child lock, the button can still be pressed, The children can still play. If they cut off the power supply, they have to start washing again. I hope this can be improved. The cooking and washing function is not used yet. I'll evaluate it after using it. I'm still very satisfied overall Expand to view detailed evaluation

Xiaoji/m Honeywell announced the configuration parameters of inij minij 6 mini roller baby and children washing machine on September 17 [see official preferential quotation]

manufacturer name: Shanghai Xiaoji Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Name: full-automatic roller washing machine

3c product models with the progress of Technology: minij 6, minij 6-b, minij 6-bj, minij 6-bs MINIJ 6-B...

Product Name: minij minij 6

washing machine brand: minij

model: minij 6

product type: drum washing machine

mode of use: fully automatic

washing procedure: quick washing, single bleach, single row strong washing standard washing cylinder self-cleaning

energy efficiency grade: Grade II

motor type: variable frequency motor

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