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Small I robot helped vantage win the 2019 IDC China Digital Transformation award

recently, the 2019id appearance size hosted by IDC China: 400 (L) × 300(B) × 180 (H) MMC China Digital Transformation annual ceremony and the fourth digital transformation leading user award ceremony ended in Beijing. Vantage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Vantage) intelligent after-sales service system project won the 2019idc manufacturing industry technology application scenario - Best Innovation Excellence Award. This award-winning project was jointly built by small I robot and vantage

as a well-known third-party organization in the world, IDC (International Data Corporation) holds the China Digital Transformation series selection in the Asia Pacific region of China, and vice versa. It has entered its fourth year, aiming to deeply understand the current situation and future of Chinese enterprises' digital transformation, share the practical experience of outstanding award-winning enterprise projects, and have broad industry influence. 2019idc manufacturing industry technology application scenario - the best innovation excellence award is to recognize and help organizations improve their capabilities, so that they can better create a customer-centric business model that focuses on winning and improving customer loyalty and recommendation

the award-winning vantage intelligent after-sales service system was jointly built by small I robot and vantage. By creating a perfect knowledge management platform, vantage, officials, SMS and other omni-channel service systems were connected; It will also assist vantage's internal and external service personnel to achieve unified knowledge, unified background and unified management, realize the closed loop of vantage's artificial intelligence services, and build a complete intelligent service operation system. Before the new system goes online, the management and maintenance of vatti's original enterprise knowledge base needs to be improved by manual statistics. Moreover, multiple service channels within the enterprise are independent of each other, and a standardized and unified service system cannot be formed. For example, in the process of communicating with customers, agents need to query information through different business systems within the enterprise, resulting in low work efficiency and low customer service experience

in this context, xiaoi robot has carried out intelligent transformation on the basis of vatti's original customer service system. By introducing xiaoi intelligent semantic robot and intelligent voice technology, it has created a new omni-channel intelligent customer service interaction system. The service system is driven by AI technology and data, and centered on user needs, providing vatti with the innovation and improvement of customer service mode. Taking the customer service system as an example, the new system can simultaneously access customers through channels such as communication, automatic response, business transfer, marketing launch, performance report and so on; At the same time, the background can customize the business diversion rules, and view the access, queuing, free and busy status of agents, disconnected and reconnected user information, manual acceptance, and the history and track of omni-channel consultation of customers in real time

on the day the system goes online, the number of customers that the semantic robot can serve reaches 40 times of that before the system goes online, and the robot service rate is 98%. On the left, the roughness of its surface is greater on the right; The volume of voice outbound calls has been increased by nearly 8 times, and the accuracy rate has reached about 95%. In addition, all work order flows are directly converted between systems without manual participation in re processing, which greatly saves labor costs

vantage intelligent after-sales service system not only makes a qualitative leap and improvement in the work quality and business volume of customer service agents, but also refreshes the customer experience with the millisecond intelligent customer service access speed; The new system can also push relevant value-added service activities and record the basic needs of customers, which is conducive to expanding sales channels. While helping vantage realize the digital transformation of its internal system, small I robot also helps vantage establish a digital operation and maintenance team and cultivate relevant business experts and practical talents by using its rich industry experience and perfect service team

in the future, small I robots will continue to use cognitive intelligence to help vantage achieve in-depth expansion of intelligent service mode in knowledge-based service operation, and build vantage's nationwide service ecosystem with normalized knowledge operation, data operation and more targeted active marketing services. Small I robot will also continue to help more traditional industry customers to carry out digital transformation

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