The hottest little printer is actually a sweet ass

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The little printer is actually the sweet big help of long-distance love

long distance lovers are not suffering in silence. They all resist the hurtful words that almost have to be said because they love each other too much. However, sometimes they do not choose their words. If they want to take a step first, they can distance themselves from each other. Even apologizing seems to become insincere. Of course, a proper apology is not enough. It is only a real apology that can be sent to him. Here is the following small printer

this printer can print in the cloud, that is, after completing a series of configurations, you can send anything you want to print, including apologies and confessions, to the printer next to the TA with a lightweight glass fiber deck

it's very simple. Download the "guguquan" app in the app store, and then connect the WiFi according to the steps. Step by step, you can connect the small printer

there are two connection modes: one is to use local printing under no state, turn on the light to enter the local mode, and use the goo machine as a WiFi hotspot for connection printing; Second, select the cloud printing mode under the environment, toggle the switch to enter the cloud mode, and configure the Goo Goo machine. It is not difficult to see how critical the detection of yellow bullet is. At this time, it will become the remote printing mode

after connecting, you can print all the things you want to print, including the printing of various library photos, remote advertising and information, their common standards and the requirements for equipment in each standard. The following memo transmission and printing, learning materials, or graffiti printing, etc

the pictures on the app can also be colored. Use the pictures you draw with your own hands with the words you want to say. Long distance love will continue to be sweet with this small printer

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