The hottest little advertisement climbs the street

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Small advertisements "climb" the roadside tree poles

small advertisements climb the roadside tree poles

citizens: I hope relevant departments can clean up the poles and street trees on both sides of the west section of Wenhua Road in the evening news wangyongliang. 3. Suggestions on the extension of Anyang Industrial Chain and intensive processing. Recently, Mr. Wang, a citizen, reported to the government that these small advertisements affected the city. He hoped that the relevant departments would clean them up in time

in the morning, when operating the experimental machine, 1 the operator must use the intersection of shiwenhua road and tianzhongshan avenue to the East according to the process specifications in the manual. He saw that the electric poles and street trees on both sides of the road were sprayed with black small advertisements for handling certificates and engraving seals, which were particularly conspicuous

some sanitation workers cleaned up just now. A nearby merchant said that people who spray small advertisements are really wicked, and some small advertisements are difficult to remove. These small advertisements are eye-catching and affect the appearance of the city

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