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Litchi preservation technology: adding ice in foam box

litchi ripens intensively, and it is very difficult to store and transport. At present, the cold chain transportation widely used in developed countries is still difficult to popularize in China. Therefore, it is imperative to explore and promote a method of litchi storage and transportation with less investment and simple operation. In recent years, the litchi production area in Guangxi has begun to adopt a storage and transportation technology of litchi with foam box and ice. Generally, after 3 days and nights of transportation, litchi still retains its original bright red color, the flavor remains unchanged, the good fruit rate reaches more than 93%, and the water loss does not exceed 3%. Now it is introduced as follows. 5. effective experimental width (mm): 400

1. Materials

1. Foam box mainly has three specifications: large box 600mm × 450mm × 300mm; Medium tank 510mm × 350mm × 300mm; Small box 510mm × 300mm × 260mm, which can hold 20, 15 and 10kg fresh fruits respectively. 5T extended Dongfeng Motor can fit about 300 large boxes

2. Fresh litchi is harvested before sunrise on a sunny morning. It is better to mature in August or September. The single fruit with branches is better than that without branches. It is quickly moved to a cool place after harvest. 5T extended Dongfeng truck can transport about 6000kg fresh litchi

three large ice cubes and ice bottles are prepared according to the weight ratio of litchi and ice cubes 8v1. The weight of each ice cube is generally 30, 50, 100kg, etc., which are used to prepare low-temperature anti-corrosion liquid. Ice bottle 1 2L waste polyester bottle is made by adding water and freezing, and is prepared in the proportion of 2v1 with foam box. 5T extended Dongfeng locomotive needs to prepare about 750KG ice cubes and about 600 ice bottles. In addition, old cotton wadding, large water tanks, round bamboo baskets and sealing glue shall be prepared

2. Method

1. Select dilapidated fruit, browning fruit and pest fruit manually, and properly arrange and prune the ears

II. For anti-corrosion and cooling treatment, fresh water and crushed ice are first used to prepare the water temperature at 4 ~ 8 ℃, and the concentration is 1000 by adding benzidine or thiabendazole (Aldrin) × 10-6 antiseptic solution, fill a bamboo basket with the selected fresh litchi fruit, soak it in the antiseptic solution for 4-5 minutes, and take it out and drain it for 10-15 minutes. Frequently replenish liquid medicine and use demonstration ice blocks around key areas to maintain liquid medicine concentration and water temperature

III. packing and sealing: first, put an ice bottle vertically at the opposite corner of the foam box, put the drained 20kg fresh litchi into the foam box, and finally cover the box with sealing glue

IV. put a layer of old cotton wool at the bottom of the carriage before loading and transportation. Arrange the foam box and the long side of the carriage in a parallel and compact manner, with the cover facing up, and then fill the sides of the carriage and the top with old cotton wool. The whole process requires careful operation, rapid action, light handling and handling, and the process from fruit picking to loading shall be completed within 4 ~ 6 hours

litchi is stored in foam box with ice and transported by car. First, the cost is low. When it is transported from Nanning to Beijing, the cost per kilogram of fresh fruit will increase by 3.50 yuan; For air transportation by air or express transportation by train, the freight per kilogram is as high as 16.80 yuan or 4.00 yuan respectively, excluding the packaging fee. Second, the shipment is fast and the route is flexible. The driving route can be selected at any time according to the market information and the place where the material structure should be prevented from being affected by cold and hot processing during sample preparation. Third, the operation is simple, and the materials are available locally, which is convenient for promotion. However, it should be noted that the fresh-keeping time of this method is not long enough, generally 5 ~ 6 days, so it is only suitable for 3 ~ 4 days of transportation, so as to ensure 2 ~ 3 days of sales time after arrival

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