Why can the supply side drive manufacturing innova

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Why can the supply side drive manufacturing innovation

Introduction: why can the supply side drive manufacturing innovation? What new ideas can the supply side bring to enterprise transformation? So that the traditional manufacturing industry can smoothly transition to intelligent transformation, develop new industries and transform to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries. In order to develop new technologies and new products and access traditional industries, non-standard welding machines have complementary advantages. "

improve competitiveness and realize supply side reform

overcapacity makes enterprises unable to withdraw funds quickly, which greatly increases the survival risk of enterprises. Under the change of good news on the supply side, enterprises have obtained new ideas. The non-standard welding special machine meets the personalized needs of customers, and is supplied and produced on demand. There is a good saying, "I have no one, I am strong, I am good.". Unique products, personalized customization, originality

future development is to grasp the direction of industrial reform, and innovation driven is the focus of future manufacturing development. The government proposed "made in China 2025" to focus on improving manufacturing, innovation and basic capabilities, promote information and manufacturing technology, and deeply combine to cultivate new competitive advantages in manufacturing

in 2016, the government took the lead in strengthening the supply side structural reform and removing institutional and institutional barriers. Non standard welding machines focus on the structural reform of the supply side, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, and further stimulate market vitality and social creativity. It is believed that in the near future, development opportunities will still outweigh challenges, and China's economic prospects will further accelerate after the transformation of the driving force of alternative development between the old and the new

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