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With the theme of "vitality ignites dreams, health achieves the future", the "Heli run" series will hold national fitness activities. Weiye aluminum participated in the competition

break through all kinds of natural resistance from nature

have been running on the road

never stop

as a green aluminum profile supplier

with the spirit of constantly climbing and aspiring to be an aluminum cycle explorer in the green era

help "runners" move forward resolutely

on April 27, the real estate industry brand competition - "Heli run", which is fully built by Chongqing Real Estate Development Association, began to run passionately in Guangyang island on the south bank

as the preferred supplier of top 500 real estate development enterprises, Weiye aluminum actively participated and responded

"Heli run" series is a national fitness activity organized by Chongqing real estate industry to actively respond to the call for "national health" and "healthy China", with "healthy run" as the main form. The theme of this activity is "vitality ignites dreams and health achieves the future". Around the personnel of real estate enterprises, enterprises related to the real estate industry chain and other groups, sports activities, the corporate culture of the real estate industry and the real estate industry chain are organically combined to show corporate style, strengthen corporate exchanges, and promote the construction of corporate culture and the healthy development of the real estate development industry

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according to the introduction, this competition has two groups of 10km and 5km, bringing together many well-known real estate enterprise teams such as real estate development enterprise groups such as Huayu Huayu, Xingmao, Binxin, Kant, Kangtian, Longhu, Evergrande, poly, Luneng, Jindi, China Railway 20th Bureau, etc. through the organic combination of sports activities and characteristic culture, they passionately show the style of team culture construction, assume social responsibility, highlight health and vitality Positive style and image

a sand road, a starry sky

a group of runners, a story

they are social elites and have great courage

they love life Go forward bravely

they are in the leading position in all walks of life

but they never forget to challenge themselves

they are a major MBA aluminum team

step on the yellow sand

accompany the scorching sun

the eighth Asia Pacific Business School desert challenge is a perfect conclusion

Tenggeli desert


yue Yong,

the major MBA Weiye aluminum team composed of 30 team members won good results after the fierce struggle with 106 business school teams:

won the highest award in the competition - the sand gull award

win twelve places in the group

as a supplier of green aluminum profiles,

Weiye aluminum will continue to move forward with perseverance in the spirit of constantly climbing and aspiring to be an aluminum cycle explorer in the green era

Weiye 27 years

just for transcendence and the pursuit of excellence





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