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Decoration of Gemini flourishing peach flower Feng Shui

flower? In home geomantic omen, the bedroom is the main place for people to rest, but in geomantic omen, its layout plays a certain role in improving good luck. The decoration and color of the bedroom will affect the good luck of the home. The bedroom Feng Shui of the twelve constellations is also different. Today's editor will briefly talk about how the layout of Gemini can improve your luck

enthusiastic and active Gemini

Gemini is a constellation that likes to change, likes to communicate with people, and has a passion for continuous exploration. For Gemini who are enthusiastic and active, they hope that their partner is also a community of enthusiasm and initiative. Gemini friends who are still single, how can they quickly improve their luck through the layout of their bedrooms

bedroom color: comfort is the most important

Gemini people with lively and naughty personality always have a restless heart. Gemini pursues a harmonious sense of belonging and warm comfort. In the application of bedroom color, they choose plain coffee and milk white, and strive for simple balance in furnishings

furniture placement: set up a mirror in the southwest

Gemini people prefer novelty. It is recommended to place a large mirror in the southwest and hang a small sachet above the mirror to increase your heterosexual relationship. If you already have a sweetheart, you can put some silver decorations at the head of the bed, which will have unexpected effects

bedroom appliances: sound enhances love luck

if Gemini wants to enhance love luck, it's best to put the sound near the bed and listen to music to sleep all the time, which can reduce your sensitivity of wishful thinking. If the sound equipment is pink, it's better to help absorb the energy of love

bedroom plants: sunflowers, sunflowers, peach blossoms

friends who like plants can place sunflowers on the windowsill. Looking at the positive sunflowers every day will stimulate the sunny temperament of Gemini and increase the opportunities for Gemini to interact with people, which will be of some help to improve the fate of love




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