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On March 26, the 6th China wardrobe exhibition was officially launched, with Chinese and foreign merchants gathered in the atlas exhibition hall, and the crowd was surging on the scene, which was the most popular of all previous exhibitions

on March 26, the Sixth China wardrobe exhibition was officially launched. The Chinese and foreign merchants gathered in the atlas exhibition hall, and the crowd was surging on the scene. The popularity of the exhibition was the highest in all previous exhibitions. With its magnificent Chinese red color and Western European idyllic style, it combines the elegance and solemnity of the East and the romance and simplicity of the west, expresses the international health brand concept with the international fashion pioneer design, and conveys the brand proposition of eatray health wardrobe: Health wardrobe + physical fitness = longevity. Create social value and assume social responsibility

starting from the brand strategy of differentiated marketing, etray adheres to its mission of building a healthy home, advocates the brand proposition of "healthy wardrobe + good health = longevity", assumes social responsibility and creates social value. As the No.1 brand of healthy home furnishing in China, eatray is deeply concerned by the industry. On the first day of the exhibition, visitors and merchants are also welcomed to visit and experience the latest health products of eatray, watch the latest advertising blockbusters, eatray cloud system and the new profit model, how to make dealers easy to be bosses and make money happily

at the beginning of the exhibition, the exciting team morale of etray strongly showed the passionate spirit of etray people, which is also the healthy mentality embodied in the proposition of etray healthy home, and also the performance of the healthy, fashionable, noble atmosphere and healthy and positive spirit of etray brand. Professional, enthusiastic, positive and overwhelming momentum has further ignited the fiery on-site atmosphere of the atlas exhibition hall.

the display of the atlas cloud system platform allows customers to fully experience the 360 ° panoramic effect of each health product on the line. Chinese and foreign customers actively participate in the on-site application experience. The fashionable, novel and creative display form has won the praise of exhibition merchants

On the first day of the exhibition, the most eye-catching event was the launch conference of eatley's 0-grade mold proof and antibacterial board, which won the high attention of Chinese merchants and media, and dozens of media rushed to report. The successful listing of eatray's 0-grade mold proof and antibacterial board has solved the harm of various diseases caused by mold and bacteria in furniture, and protected the health of family members. Eatray's health wardrobe is also the only furniture enterprise using mold proof and antibacterial board at present

at this press conference, President Wen of eatray health wardrobe issued a speech, warmly welcoming Chinese and foreign businessmen and media friends. She expressed her comfort that the advent of eatray mold proof antibacterial board has solved the harm caused by mold in furniture. Eatley mould proof antibacterial board will assume the social responsibility of creating a healthy home life for thousands of families, and will also be able to seize the market opportunity with absolute advantages, create more opportunities for franchisees to open a new profit model, and be a boss easily and make money happily

the official listing of eatley grade 0 mold proof and antibacterial board has become a major revolution in the furniture industry. At the press conference, manager Li of eatley brand Department carefully introduced the original intention of the research and development of mold proof and antibacterial board, what harm mold does to human beings, the difference between the mold proof and antibacterial effect of grade 0 mold proof and antibacterial and the effect of ordinary board, and how it is actually applied in the field of customized home furnishings. He said that it was because of the great threat posed by mold to human health that itler invested heavily in the research and development of mold proof antibacterial boards, which is also the goal of itler to build a global customized healthy home and create a healthy and long-lived living environment

at the press conference, the three beauties dressed in red and charming showed the relevant technologies and products of etray mold proof and antibacterial board. The major media rushed to report, and the crowds of Chinese and foreign merchants also stopped in front of the etray booth to take photos, and actively participated in the interaction of activities at the press conference site. The scene was very popular

the exciting moment is coming. With the countdown, the senior executives of eatray jointly launched the global launch of eatray's level 0 mold and antibacterial, and achieved a complete success. This is also another innovation of the core technology products of eatray, creating value for the society, bringing a healthy, mold free and sterile life, and also winning more market opportunities for franchisees





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