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The key points of the eight links in the production of solid wood doors and flat doors are as follows:

the production process of solid wood doors

1. Wood drying

all the wood of the door should be subject to high-temperature cooking and degreasing, and secondary steam drying. When not in use, the wood should also be placed in the wood health room to control the moisture content. The moisture content of the wood should be 8%-12%, so that the produced wood door is not easy to crack and deform

2. Ingredients

after planing, planing, trimming and other processes, the plates are processed into raw materials of various required specifications

panel: ① understand what part or product the panel is (different products or parts have different quality requirements); ② For example, when making door core material: the color and texture must be consistent, and there must be no obvious defects on both sides (select the material according to the defect standard); ③ For example, when making door caps, stiles and finishes: the color and texture must be consistent

3. Parts processing

planing the panel, milling, tenoning and punching after cutting, and processing the parts of the door leaf, such as the upper riser, the lower riser, the middle stile, the mullion, the door core plate, etc

4, door buckle line processing

the door buckle line of wooden doors can be processed by a special line machine

5, wood door assembly

6, door buckle line group frame

7, white embryo grinding

8, nail line

wood door paint

the paint process is divided into: manual grinding and repairing wood defects - brushing the first primer - grinding - spraying the second primer - grinding - spraying the third primer - grinding - coloring - grinding - spraying finish paint - Detection - packaging

a solid wood door can be processed after dozens of processes, so it is not difficult to understand its expensive price

production process of flat door

1, material preparation

2, door core material

3, fine cutting

the vertical side of the core material is equal to the total height of the door. The length of the upper and lower horizontal sides of the core material is equal to the total width of the door. The length of the middle core material is the same as that of the lower horizontal side. Both sides of all core materials are pulled into deformation grooves

4. Make a frame

first connect the vertical side with the upper and lower horizontal sides with gun nails or horse nails. Move 150mm-200mm up and down at the midpoint of the door and nail one upper rail. And fill the core plate of about 150mm near the frame so that the unlocking is not hollow. Then add appropriate horizontal timbers in other places. If there is honeycomb paper, you can put it inside to fill or add horizontal core material to fill without honeycomb paper

5. Cold pressing

apply glue on the back of the pressed decorative panel. First put one decorative panel on it, then put the beaten frame on it, and then put the other decorative panel on the frame, and then nail the four corners of the door with a gun nail to prevent the cold pressing from moving

6. Finish cutting around the door after cold pressing and drying

calculate the thickness of the surrounding edge banding minus the thickness of the surrounding edge banding before finishing cutting, which is the fine cutting size of the door

7. Edge banding

use wood veneer, PUC or wood lines to seal the edges around and then trim the edges

finally, after several layers of painting process, a flat door is produced

Huachen wooden door teaches you several tricks

several tips for identifying the quality of wooden doors


① overall: stand 2m away from the wooden door, observe his shape and workmanship, see whether the door type is neat, whether the surface color is pure, and whether the texture is clear

② close up: check whether the joints, frames and other small parts of the door are fine

③ side light viewing: stand on the side of the door to see if there are concave convex waves on the paint surface of the door


measure the perpendicularity and edge straightness of the door frame and door leaf, the flatness of the door leaf surface, the warpage of the door leaf, etc.


close to the lock hole of the wooden door, sniff with your nose if there is a pungent smell. If there is, it indicates that the formaldehyde content of the door is high

generally, the upper and lower ends of wooden doors with better materials are not sealed with paint. While saving paint, you can also show the materials of wooden doors to the majority of consumers, so as to prove that the quality of your wooden doors is relatively good




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