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XCMG crawler crane enters the hoisting field of urban integrated pipe gallery

XCMG crawler crane enters the hoisting field of urban integrated pipe gallery

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recently, XCMG xgc400 crawler crane successfully completed the hoisting of shield machine of integrated pipe gallery in a certain area. The diameter of the shield machine hoisted this time is 9.33 meters, which is equivalent to the height of three floors. The weight of the cutter head is 130 tons, which belongs to the "big head" of the shield machine. Due to the relatively narrow construction environment, the project department chose the construction scheme of one machine hoisting. With its strong hoisting capacity and special shield working condition design, xgc400 was recognized by the construction party to undertake the hoisting of large tonnage shield machines. The successful hoisting once again verified the strong ability of XCMG series shield machines, and realized the expansion of the hoisting field of urban comprehensive pipe gallery

XCMG crawler crane enters the hoisting field of urban integrated pipe gallery

[related links] the integrated pipe gallery project refers to the project under the urban road 3 The maximum load bearing capacity of the tensile testing machine during the beam test is improved; A municipal shared tunnel will be built to integrate various municipal pipelines such as power, communication, water supply and gas, implement "unified planning, construction and management", avoid the secondary excavation of the road surface, and effectively reduce the construction cost, so as to achieve the comprehensive utilization of underground space and the sharing of resources, and reduce the trouble for people to travel

optimized design of transportation and disassembly

xgc400 crawler crane has perfect self disassembly and assembly function, which can realize the self disassembly and assembly of crawler frame, turntable counterweight and bottom boom. Luffing system integrated transportation. For example, the main luffing system of the mast, the luffing system of the super lift mast and the tower arm are put into the preformed parts and then transported as a whole. The unique pull plate connection design makes the disassembly and assembly of the pull plate more convenient. At the same time, the pull plate can be transferred with the boom, saving the boom conversion time. All balance weights of products on the same platform have unified specifications, which is really convenient for maintenance and replacement; Now it is interchangeable

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intelligent control system, which is more safe and reliable

xgc400 crawler crane detects the boom angle in real time, realizes the automatic switching of work/installation mode, and effectively reduces the probability of misoperation. Using the one key pulling technology of the mast, the lifting and lowering of the mast is completed with one key, which saves time and effort, is safe and reliable. Optimized electronic control system can realize stepless speed change of all actions, more accurate action control and better inching performance

limited by the on-site construction environment, the scope of this construction operation is far beyond the normal shield hoisting, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of the crane. XCMG crawler crane fully considered various hoisting requirements at the beginning of design, and its product performance was comprehensively leading, fully meeting the requirements of large shield machine hoisting weight and new national safety regulations. The perfect performance of this hoisting is the best interpretation of XCMG crawler crane products

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