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XCMG concrete machinery Shanghai "BMW Exhibition" highlights frequent

XCMG concrete machinery Shanghai "BMW Exhibition" highlights frequent

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on November 22, 2016 Bauma China Exhibition (Shanghai BMW exhibition) was held as scheduled. As a leading enterprise in the global construction machinery industry, XCMG group's booth was crowded, Among them, XCMG concrete machinery's brand-new Sino German integration image and technology platform fully demonstrates XCMG's display positioning of "ingenuity · smart manufacturing for you", and continues to attract visitors. The outstanding highlights of its high efficiency, technical intelligence, green energy conservation and reliable efficiency will open a new chapter for the supply side reform of the concrete machinery industry

XCMG concrete machinery, with the world's leading innovative technology and the sustainable concept of green environmental protection, once again attracted attention as an industry leader at this BMW exhibition. XCMG and Shi Weiying are the pioneers of China's concrete machinery industry and the absolute leaders of global concrete machinery. The cooperation between these two giants has attracted the attention of many people in the industry. Since XCMG acquired schweiying from Germany, XCMG concrete machinery has been dormant for four years. In July this year, it launched the "S9" technology platform products to the world, injecting new development vitality into the market. XCMG is not only the originator of China's concrete machinery, but also pays more attention to the reform and innovation of sustainable development of the industry based on the concept of green efficiency and green cycle. XCMG concrete machinery focuses on the future of the concrete industry and works with customers to provide products with "leading technology and indestructible use" with more efficient overall construction and more scientific solutions, so as to explore the space for sustainable and win-win development

ingenuity, S9 platform product "star four brothers" landed in Shanghai beach

in Shanghai BMW exhibition, the parade ground of construction machinery, all kinds of machinery are lined up, while XCMG concrete machinery exhibition area is attracted by many more exhibitors who come to consult S9. In an area where "XCMG gold" is concentrated, the four S9 platform products of XCMG concrete machinery are towering or standing still, and the mirror coating has a clear reflection. The "star four brothers" surrounded by the crowd are full of XCMG's ingenuity: a number of world-class technologies, the industry's largest meter three bridge all steel boom hb52k concrete pump truck, Sino German technology ultra-high pressure, high-strength concrete pumping hbc10040k truck mounted concrete pump truck, the new XCMG Han style chassis "more pulling, faster running, less consumption" xzj5310gjbb7 concrete mixer truck, flexible and portable "universal spraying expert" hpc30ki concrete shotcrete truck

according to the introduction, the concrete pumping products participating in this exhibition are not ordinary technological innovation products, but the replacement products that integrate XCMG's 30-year technological accumulation and schweiying's cutting-edge technology. They are the subverters of the concrete machinery industry. Among them, the concrete mixer truck, which has broken through eleven core technologies and major technologies, and the brand-new concrete pumping series products, which include eight core technologies such as skirt valve and full hydraulic reversing, and dozens of key technological innovations. This series of products has passed the EU CE certification and the Russian gost certification. At the same time, its manufacturing process has also passed the international welding control system (ISO) and the European Union steel structure construction specification (en/3) and other certifications. In the process of product test and detection, XCMG schweiying used high-grade C80 concrete 1.12 times higher than the standard strength grade to verify the ultimate performance of the product, so as to ensure that the product can meet the construction requirements of complex working conditions

arc outrigger, skirt valve technology and other unique technologies in the industry have been attracting the attention of the industry, and also attracted many visitors to this promotion. According to the on-site commentators, XCMG schweiying S9 platform products integrated with a number of core technologies have five characteristics: energy saving, high efficiency, intelligence, stability and durability

in terms of energy saving, the lightweight level of XCMG concrete pump truck with green energy-saving technology is increased by 5%, and the energy-saving effect is increased by 4%; In terms of construction efficiency, the concrete suction efficiency is 5% higher than that of its peers. Schweiying's unique arc outrigger and three-level x outrigger technology can stretch out flexibly and improve efficiency; In the application of intelligent technology, reduce the intensity of manual work and make the user experience more comfortable. The most prominent is the S9 platform product pump truck intelligent boom with extreme bionic design technology, which has good flexibility and high site applicability. In terms of system stability, the impact of the pumping hydraulic system is reduced from 16MPa to 4MPa, which is reduced by 4 times, making the vibration amplitude of the boom reduce by 5% compared with similar products, and achieving the organic combination of reliable quality, high efficiency and stability; The mean time between failures of the hydraulic system is more than 30 working days higher than that of similar products, and the fault feedback rate of the electrical system is less than 4%. In terms of the service life of core parts, the skirt valve system with German origin makes the stress more balanced, the service life of vulnerable parts is increased by 20%, the wear of valve body is reduced by half, and the service life of products is longer under the same conditions. In addition, the application of Internet + has brought many surprises to the intellectualization of products. S9 platform mixer launched the first "Internet mixer" in China, which can control all intelligent control and data supervision

The technical advantages of S9 platform products are more obvious in construction. A mixing plant in Jilin purchased XCMG hb67k pump truck as early as 2015. As the first batch of customers of XCMG concrete machinery S9 platform pump truck, its general manager is not surprised by the efficiency of S9: it has high pumping efficiency, 16 cubic meters of concrete, the normal discharge takes 9 minutes, and it is completed in 7 minutes and 40 seconds; "Eating" materials are not picky, fast, smooth pumping, low residue, convenient cleaning and time saving; The stability of the boom is also rare in similar products

"not only these, what I admire most is that under the worst construction condition of full load and horizontal boom, its boom amplitude is less than 20 cm, which is far lower than other products I have used." Master Li, the customer's operator, commented in a very professional manner. The chief of the equipment section is also pleased to find that the pumping efficiency of hb67k pump truck is very high, and the average suction efficiency is about 5% higher than that of similar domestic products. According to the British independent station on April 22, the fuel consumption is reduced by 25% year-on-year. In this way, the cost of about 2 yuan can be saved for each cubic meter of concrete pumped, which is a big savings in a year

smart manufacturing, "technology-based" environmental protection and recycling industry upgrading led to break the situation against the trend

after the release of XCMG Shi Weiying's "whole industry strategy" at the BMW exhibition, the leaders of the association, company leaders and experts jointly unveiled new products for the environmental protection and recycling industry, showing three "environmental protection and recycling alliance" products, puy1300rs crawler crusher, msp1561 crawler screener and pl1200 vertical shaft impact crusher. XCMG Shi Weiying, together with XCMG Research Institute, gives full play to XCMG's deep technological accumulation and platform R & D advantages, innovatively supports them through environmental friendly recycling machinery to better reflect heat, realizes green circulation in the concrete industry chain, and upgrades the concept of green development as the breaker of industrial transformation and reform

environmental protection recycling machinery is mainly used for the processing of construction waste and mountain stone raw materials, and finally forms concrete aggregates through coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, screening and other processes. It not only realizes the recycling of machine-made gravel, but also realizes the recycling of construction waste. It is a "environmental protection regeneration alliance" that turns waste into treasure and contributes to green. It is a member of the "machine-made gravel and construction waste recycling equipment" of XCMG schweiying's new green environmental protection industry, It is equipped with GPS and remote fault diagnosis system as standard to realize "clear responsibilities and rights" and real-time remote management; It has intelligent state monitoring and fault diagnosis technology to ensure the stable operation of the whole system; Fully automated process flow, low energy consumption, low labor consumption; The products can be customized according to the raw material conditions of the customer market, and a complete set of solutions and post market system guarantee can be provided

XCMG staff said that through in-depth analysis of the domestic concrete market, according to the current situation of the lack of natural sand resources, XCMG Shi Weiying carried out the transformation from product research and development to environmental protection and regeneration, quickly occupied the technological commanding height of the development of domestic machine-made gravel industry, and creatively launched a series of machine-made gravel production lines in the industry; At the same time, on the basis of professional sand and gravel aggregate production lines, taking advantage of its own R & D advantages, we will continue to expand the spectrum of the concrete industry, integrate the resource utilization of construction waste into the new industrial layout, form a complete set of solutions for environmental protection and recycling machinery, solve the increasingly scarce natural sand and gravel resources and the increasingly serious stacking and disposal of construction waste, and turn construction waste into resources, realize recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection, Strive to build a green and modern intelligent factory for customers

at present, XCMG schweiying environmental recycling machinery has been implemented as a green and process mechanism sand and stone production line in Guangdong, Hebei and other places, providing a greener and more sustainable solution for the protection of natural ecology and the treatment of waste construction waste

for you, create a complete set of equipment solution "supermarket" for the whole industrial chain of concrete machinery.

on the afternoon of November 22, at the XCMG concrete machinery theme summit, the special guest Mr. Hu Youyi, assistant to the president of the China Building Materials Federation, President of the China gravel Association, executive director of the China International Chamber of Commerce and vice president of the China building materials Economic Research Association, made a policy interpretation from the perspective of economic transformation and the development trend of the new concrete industry, Under the global macroeconomic impact and the national economic transformation and upgrading environment, the overall characteristics and transformation and upgrading needs of the sustainable development of the concrete industry in the future are introduced, and the current situation and development mode of the gravel aggregate industry are deeply shared. He pointed out that as the traditional closed sandstone chain has been opened, a new system is being formed, and industrial transformation and upgrading will create new opportunities

President Hu emphasized that at present, new enterprises, capital and technology have penetrated into the sand and gravel aggregate industry in an all-round way, making the industry enter a new development period. With the continuous construction of new large-scale machine-made sand and gravel aggregate production lines, the government continues to close down and eliminate backward sand mining enterprises, and a large number of new enterprises have entered the industrial chain. The speed of industrial integration has accelerated, which is rapidly changing the traditional commercial ecology and market planning of sand and gravel aggregate. The sand and gravel aggregate industry will gradually face a reshuffle, from the era of small mines to the era of large mines. In the next few years, it will form a new situation, and finally show the development trend of large enterprises, collectivization, health and standardization

facing the market and customer needs, XCMG schweiying implemented relevant diversification strategies in the industrial field. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition, Zhang Yue, the technical director of XCMG schweiying, comprehensively interpreted the "full product strategy". General manager Zhang stressed that XCMG schweiying has always been firmly committed to the brand mission of "providing complete sets of concrete machinery solutions for customers; building a vertical R & D and manufacturing system for concrete machinery; and committed to the sustainable development of concrete and concrete machinery", Provide customers with complete sets of equipment and overall solutions for the concrete industry

general manager Zhang pointed out that around the efforts to explore concrete and its upstream and downstream industries, XCMG schweiying carried out in-depth research on core technologies and core components, integrated schweiying technology, and continued to think calmly in the innovation and transformation of the industry. At present, XCMG schweiying can provide complete solutions to customers' needs in the fields related to concrete, whether in the production, transportation and construction of concrete and mortar, wet concrete spraying, industrial pumping, sand and stone making, etc. Specific products expand to commercial concrete

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