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Fire prevention countermeasures for fishing boats

in recent years, with the continuous development of fishery economy, the number of fishing boat fires has also increased year by year. Moreover, most fishing boats are far away from the local fire brigade in the berthing port. After the fishing boats catch fire, they cannot be put out in time and effectively. The difficulty and danger of putting out the fire are also great, which often leads to the tragedy of ship destruction and human death. The author here talks about the fire prevention of fishing boats for your reference

first, strengthen the construction of energy-saving supervision system and mechanism. The fire risk of fishing boats is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. Most fishing boats are made of wood structures, and most of them have an annual output value of 10 billion yuan. There are daily necessities on board. After the fishing boat catches fire, it is easy to cause the burning of the whole fishing boat. If the fire is not put out in time, all fishing boats will be scrapped

2. There is a large amount of diesel in the engine room of the fishing boat. Diesel oil belongs to class B flammable liquid. The explosion of fishing boat diesel oil is often accompanied by fire, which brings great danger to the lives of crew and firefighters

3. In the process of refuelling the fishing boat, electrostatic fire occurred due to violation of operating procedures, which caused the explosion of the fishing boat's oil tank, and some even continued to explode

4. The laying of electrical lines is disordered and the aging phenomenon is serious. Because fishing boats are operating at sea all year round, there are many rainy and humid weather, plus the corrosion of Shanghai water, the aging of electrical lines is serious, and the wire connectors are loose. If they are not replaced in time, it is very easy to cause electrical fire accidents

5. Smoking and domestic fire often bring fire hazards to fishing boats. Fishermen live on fishing boats all year round. Nowadays, fishing boats usually cook with liquefied gas. If liquefied gas leaks and explodes in case of open fire, it will cause immeasurable losses to fishermen

The principle is the same as that of the imitation wood gem layer

second, in view of the above fire hazards of fishing boats, the author believes that the following aspects should be actively and effectively prevented

1, and the management of electrical lines should be strengthened. Electrical lines shall not be laid on combustibles, and combustibles shall not be stacked nearby. Check the electrical circuit regularly. If the wire is seriously aged, the wire connector is loose, electric leakage and other phenomena are found, it should be replaced and repaired in time to prevent fire accidents

2. Strengthen the management of domestic fire and smoking. After the liquefied gas is used up, the valve should be closed in time to prevent deflagration caused by open fire after the liquefied gas leakage. The crew should not throw cigarette butts everywhere after smoking, especially at night. Because the crew's attention is reduced at night, when the fire is found, the fire is often in the spreading stage, making it more difficult to put out the fire

3. Prevent electrostatic fire when refuelling fishing boats. First, pay attention to control the flow rate of diesel oil when refueling. When the flow rate reaches a certain level, the static electricity generated can cause static fire; Second, pay attention to the ventilation of the diesel tank, so that the volatile diesel gas can be emitted in time, so that it cannot reach the explosion limit and will not cause an explosion; Third, measures should be taken to eliminate static electricity with a global market value of advanced polymer composites of US $12.12 billion, so that the generated static electricity cannot reach the minimum ignition energy standard that causes the explosion of diesel gas mixture

4. In winter, when fishermen start the engine of fishing boats before going to sea, they often bake the engine with open fire because of the cold weather, which is easy to ignite diesel and cause a fire. Therefore, this situation should be avoided when starting the diesel engine in winter

5. When fishing boats dock in the port, they should pay attention to leaving a certain fire separation distance, so as to avoid endangering other fishing boats after a fishing boat catches fire, which will cause continuous fire. At the same time, fishing boats should be equipped with a certain number of fire extinguishers to put out the initial fire

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