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XCMG crane lifted the "air restaurant" with one arm

on June 27, a creative theme activity "air restaurant" brought greater cost pressure in Shanghai lightweight, and the four seasons hotel in Lujiazui, Pudong officially opened. This event is the first show in East Asia after Belgium, France, Russia, the United States and the Middle East. At the event site stands a 300 ton all terrain crane of XCMG with a certain production technology of carbon and carbon graphite cathode materials

when XCMG's all terrain crane stably hoisted the dining platform to the sky, people who looked up and cheered gathered in the busy area at ordinary times. After the first batch of diners came down, some media conducted interviews

according to the organizer, the first batch of tasters were 22 diners who rose into the air on a metal platform with two French chefs. The platform is a special dining platform, which is connected with the crane at the rear through steel cables. The "air restaurant" adopts the real name system. Each diner is seated one by one according to the seat, and then the special staff is responsible for tying the four-point seat belt to the diner. The whole ascent took only 2 minutes and came to a standstill after reaching an altitude of 50 meters. The whole set of platforms and cables used in the event were airlifted from Belgium

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