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XCMG construction machinery: help cement enterprises extend the industrial chain

XCMG construction machinery: help cement enterprises extend the industrial chain

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Guide: XCMG, I wish you success. XCMG's replacement capacity has been included in the Tianjin elimination plan. XCMG group is well known for its advertising language, and has won customers for its excellent products and considerate services. XCMG group is a large enterprise with the largest scale, the most complete product varieties and series, the most competitive and influential in China's construction machinery industry

"XCMG, XCMG, I wish you success", XCMG group is well known for this advertising language, and has won customers for its excellent products and considerate services

XCMG group is the largest, most competitive and influential large enterprise group in China's construction machinery industry with the most complete product varieties and series. It has been in the forefront of China's construction machinery industry for 22 consecutive years. As the core pillar enterprise of XCMG group, XCMG construction machinery is a well-known domestic concrete machinery manufacturer. Since the establishment of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., its concrete machinery sector has entered the road of exclusive operation, professional development and rapid improvement. In just a few years, XCMG construction machinery concrete machinery has achieved 170% growth, and its leapfrog development speed has shocked the industry

concrete machinery industry base promotes development

as the leader of China's construction machinery industry, in the face of good development opportunities and great challenges in the next five years, XCMG construction machinery made early preparations, early thinking, and early steps, achieved careful deployment, accumulated and formed its own competitive strength

on June 15, 2011, XCMG group, with a total investment of 2billion yuan, held a grand foundation laying ceremony for the construction of machinery industry base, with an increase of 40%, but the sales profit margin was only 0.9%. The concrete construction machinery industry project of XCMG group is a major investment project of XCMG group in 2011, covering an area of 675 square meters, with a total investment of 2billion yuan. After the investment, 3000 concrete pump trucks, 1000 concrete Trailer pumps, 600 concrete vehicle mounted pumps, 200 of the main product output of shotcrete trucks and the production capacity of concrete machinery products will be formed, with an annual total sales revenue of 5billion yuan. The concrete construction machinery industrial base under construction will form an industrial chain dominated by pump trucks, covering concrete machinery products such as towing pumps, vehicle mounted pumps, shotcrete trucks, etc. After the completion of the base, XCMG construction machinery will become China's largest concrete machinery industrial park, forming the industry's largest full set of concrete equipment manufacturing field. The construction of XCMG concrete construction machinery industry base project will have a far-reaching impact on XCMG group to consolidate its competitive advantage, improve its product structure, expand its market share, and ensure its leading position in China's construction machinery

in addition, in May this year, the foundation of the concrete mixing machinery industrial base with an investment of more than 1 billion was laid, which will form a production capacity of 2000 concrete mixing plants per year. XCMG Nanjing Automobile Co., Ltd. will invest hundreds of millions of yuan to form the production capacity of batch and large-scale concrete mixer trucks

a full range of products meet the diverse needs of customers

XCMG concrete machinery can only produce a single pump truck product at the beginning of its establishment. Through years of adhering to the independent research and development path of technological development, it has achieved the successful docking with international high-end technology, formed a full range of products integrating vehicles, pumps and stations, and has a full set of industrial management capabilities of concrete mixing stations, mixing trucks, vehicle mounted pumps, towing pumps, and shotcrete trucks. At present, the whole series of products have reached the industry-leading level in terms of technology and quality. In terms of pump products, XCMG construction machinery integrates the technical characteristics and industrial wisdom of elephant, schweiying and domestic products

XCMG construction machinery is committed to providing customers with a full set of concrete equipment that is "safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly". Its full range of concrete equipment has built exquisite particle structure characteristics for the casting process with "high quality and high cost performance", meeting the diversified and all-round needs of customers, creating economic and social benefits for customers, and enjoying high praise among customers

XCMG construction machinery's full set of concrete equipment has obvious advantages. First, the product configuration is high and the quality is excellent. When the whole industry is reducing the configuration in order to control costs, XCMG has always adhered to a large proportion of imported parts, and the product configuration industry is the highest, and the quality is more stable and reliable. Second, the speed of product innovation is fast, the technology is improving, and the product performance is improving day by day. We strive to be environmentally friendly, safe, reliable, advanced, and truly think of customers. Third, keep close to the market development needs and the increasing progress of construction technology, and constantly innovate, which is more suitable for the special requirements of different construction fields. According to the characteristics of cement enterprises, XCMG has developed a series of fully automated and semi automated mixing plant products suitable for cement enterprises to enter the commercial concrete industry, providing high-quality products for cement enterprises to quickly enter the concrete industry

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