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Fire prevention measures for construction sites at around 10:00 on December 2004, a fire broke out at a construction site near the west entrance of picai, Xicheng District, Beijing. The fire was caused by the construction workers on the construction site baking waterproof tape when entering the basement and carrying out waterproof treatment on some vehicles. The fire quickly spread to another construction site less than one meter away in the south, and ignited the protection, producing a large amount of smoke and dust. Fire control, public security and traffic police rushed to the scene. Under the intense fire fighting of five fire engines and dozens of firefighters who jointly promoted the acquisition and implementation of the energy storage project, the fire was basically extinguished after about half an hour, without causing casualties and major property losses; However, as it is adjacent to Chang'an Street and downtown, and close to the gas station, once the fire is out of control, the consequences do not depend on the assumption [1]. In recent years, fires have occurred frequently at construction sites all over the country, with heavy losses. According to statistics, construction site fires have accounted for more than half of the building fires [2]. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the fire on the construction site, and introduce relevant provisions into the code for fire protection design of buildings, so as to further standardize the construction operations, prevent the occurrence of fires, and reduce the loss of personnel and property caused by fires

2 causes of fire on construction sites

2.1 there are many combustibles on construction sites

construction sites engaged in construction, demolition and reconstruction often gather a large number of combustibles. It includes wooden scaffolding, formwork, supporting structures and other wood, combustible decorative materials, various plastic and fiber products, flammable liquids and various steel cylinders used in fuel and gas equipment during construction, as well as combustible personal items such as construction workers' clothes. If these items are not managed properly, it is very easy to cause a fire

2.2 there are many fire sources in construction sites

open flames or high-temperature surfaces can cause fires. Open flame operations such as cutting and welding, and operations with sparks such as drilling and grinding may become ignition sources. Among them, the fire caused by electric welding is particularly prominent. Many of the fires on the construction site were caused by illegal welding personnel without qualification certificates, or by illegal operation of welding personnel. If reasonable isolation measures are not taken, the high-temperature surface of some equipment or devices may also burn combustibles and cause a fire. There are many electrical equipment on the construction site, and the management of electricity consumption is chaotic. Short circuit and electric leakage are also the main causes of fire corrosion on the construction site, which is one of the main situations that destroys fasteners. An important reason for the disaster accident. Illegal smoking by construction workers may also become a source of ignition

2.3 the fire management and supporting facilities can not keep up with the construction site of construction, demolition and reconstruction operations, there are many complex factors, causing certain difficulties to the management work. Either there is a lack of practical fire prevention plans, or although the corresponding fire prevention management regulations have been formulated, they have not been actually implemented. During the construction of the new project, before it is put into use, there is a long time that the fire-fighting equipment is not in place. Only a small number of fire hydrants and portable fire extinguishers are set on the ground, and there are no fire-fighting measures suitable for the site conditions. In case of a fire, due to the lack of fire-fighting capacity, it is bound to delay the fighters, and the fire cannot be extinguished in the initial stage, resulting in unnecessary losses

3 there is a gap in the fire prevention of construction sites in China's building design and fire prevention code

in recent years, in order to adapt to the development of the situation, China has formulated many fire prevention codes and standards to guide the fire prevention design and fire management of buildings. Code for fire protection design of buildings (abbreviated as "building code") is a very important part, which plays a very good role in ensuring the fire safety of buildings. However, due to the late start of the formulation of norms in China, the contents covered by norms need to be further enriched due to 5. Simple reasons. Although the building code has made corresponding provisions on the fire separation, fire endurance of components, fire resistance rating of buildings, fire water supply, etc. of new, reconstructed and expanded buildings [3], it lacks fire prevention requirements for construction sites (including new projects, reconstruction and demolition)

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