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XCMG crawler crane Yangwei Indonesia sets a record for the largest tonnage exported

XCMG crawler crane Yangwei Indonesia sets a record for the largest tonnage exported

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recently, the largest tonnage crawler crane exported so far in China was lifted from XCMG and used to carry out the "heavy lift"; Loaded with new materials for micro motor points, the first batch of insurance compensation pilot heavy machinery division set out for Southeast Asia. This 1250 ton XCMG xgc16000 crawler crane will be used in the construction and application of offshore engineering in Indonesia. XCMG xgc16000, as the first 1000 ton crawler crane exported overseas in China, broke the record of the largest tonnage of domestic crawler crane products exported overseas, and XCMG became the first enterprise to realize the export of 1000 ton crawler crane in China

XCMG xgc16000 crawler crane Batam Island, Indonesia

the xgc16000 crawler crane exported to Indonesia this time stands out from many domestic and foreign manufacturers with its high cost performance, high quality and strong technical strength. After carefully comparing the products of XCMG and other suppliers, customers believe that XCMG products technically fully meet the lifting needs of offshore drilling platforms, and the lifting performance is better than products of the same industry, Cost performance is better than that of foreign famous brands. The successful signing of this order once again proves the strength of XCMG

large tonnage crawler cranes welcome market opportunities through force value measurement

in recent years, with the continuous promotion of China's infrastructure construction, especially driven by the large-scale construction projects such as the Three Gorges project, Qinghai Tibet railway, West to East power transmission and west to east gas transmission, as well as the rapid development of nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, wind energy and other industries, the domestic market demand for medium and large tonnage crawler cranes has increased significantly

with the heating up of the medium and large tonnage crawler crane market, domestic crawler crane manufacturers have begun to develop medium and large tonnage crawler cranes. Since XCMG took the lead in developing the first 300 t crawler crane in China in 2005, the development of crawler cranes in China has rapidly increased to large tonnage, from 300 t to 1000t. XCMG has widely used technological innovation in automobile chassis beam stiffeners, suspension supports, engine supports and other components, and has constantly rewritten the development history of large tonnage crawler cranes in China

with the increasing demand for crawler cranes in the domestic market, higher requirements are put forward for the performance, quality and reliability of crawler cranes, which promotes the product competition of domestic and foreign manufacturers to gradually upgrade

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