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Fire prevention in the process of asphalt refining and preparation

when asphalt refining and preparation, not only diluent gasoline should be added, but also open fire heating is required. If you don't pay attention to it, it is very easy to cause fire accidents. Therefore, fire safety management must be strengthened during asphalt refining and preparation

1. Each construction unit shall establish and improve the rules and regulations and safety operation procedures for asphalt refining and preparation, strengthen the safety knowledge education for operators, improve their safety production awareness, and eliminate illegal operations

2. The asphalt refining site should be selected correctly, not in a higher place, but in a flat place. The asphalt refining site should be kept more than 10 meters away from the surrounding residential houses, and the surrounding combustibles should be cleaned. The position of the stove should be set in the downwind direction of the building. For the fixed asphalt refining plant 5. The fire resistance rating of the polyurethane resin room should be of class I and II structure. It is not allowed to refine in a flammable simple shed, or set the asphalt refining stove under the high-voltage line

3. The stove for asphalt refining must be solid and reliable to ensure that it can bear the weight in the pot and avoid the collapse of the stove and the overturning of the asphalt pot, resulting in asphalt overflow and fire

4. The asphalt in the pot should not be overfilled, and a 20% vacancy should be reserved for the fatigue testing machine to measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion experiments of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under tensile, compressive or tension compression alternating loads at room temperature; When adding asphalt to the pot, especially asphalt with more moisture, it should not be added too much, too fast and too fast, so as to prevent asphalt from overflowing after expansion and boiling and causing fire. Operators should stick to their posts during asphalt refining, mix and measure the temperature frequently, so as to prevent ignition when the temperature exceeds the allowable value during heating

5. The diluent used in asphalt refining is mostly gasoline, which is heavier than air, flammable and explosive, and will burn in open fire. Therefore, before adding gasoline, it is necessary to ensure that the place 30 meters away from the scene is supervised, and matches, lighters and smoking are not allowed. In addition, when blending gasoline, the operators must test the asphalt temperature. If the temperature is above 110 ℃, it cannot be blended into gasoline. China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthrough, otherwise it will also cause fire. Do not pour the sample parameters, preset parameters and results into gasoline. When adding gasoline, it should be less first and then more, fully mixed, and sealed when not in use

6. When heating barrels of asphalt, always check whether there is blockage at the outlet. If there is blockage, clear it in time to avoid explosion due to pressure in the barrel, especially when heating the barrel horizontally. Don't heat the barrel too much or too quickly, and use a low fire to heat it slowly

7. A certain number of fire extinguishers, dry sand, dry powder, iron plates, iron covers, asbestos blankets, etc. shall be equipped at both fixed and temporary asphalt refining sites

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