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XCMG crane will help build the fourth largest railway hub in East China

XCMG crane will help build the fourth largest railway hub in East China

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in 2014, in the criss crossing national railway and waterway hub planning, another high-speed railway hub will be built in East China - Hefei south railway station hub, together with Nanjing South Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station Hangzhou east railway station forms the "four railway hubs in East China". At present, the construction of Hefei south railway station has entered the final stage of formulating the medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020

as a national key transportation hub, the planned and designed relative humidity is not greater than 80%; One of the key projects in which the voltage fluctuation of the power grid does not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage, the construction company of Hefei south railway station has used a large number of XCMG mechanical products for construction to ensure high efficiency and quality. Recently, at the construction site of the viaduct of the highway to pick up and send passengers at the South Railway Station, XCMG QAY200 and qay240 are working together to complete the hoisting task of the main steel box girder on the bridge deck. The main steel box girder weighs about 84 tons, the operation height is 20 meters, the boom is 36 meters, and there are doors in the front, back and left of the base, with a working range of 15 meters. The average hoisting time of each steel box girder is about 4 hours

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