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Summary of PVC dollar quotation in a week (10.20-26)

with the sharp decline of PVC market prices across the country one after another, the most sensitive issue that further affected the development trend of PVC market finally occurred last week. All foreign PVC export dollar quotations to China have been significantly reduced. As a result, the ex factory price of domestic PVC fell below 5000 yuan/t last week, and the overall RMB price in northern China was completely at 506 The gap between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is very large. The reality of less than 00 yuan/T (the lowest price last week has reached 4750 yuan/T) and the decline of PVC dollar quotation will greatly affect the domestic PVC market in November and December

the concept of Japanese industry 4.0 originally came from a high-tech strategic plan put forward by the German government. Last week, the US dollar quotation for PVC export was US $470/T. all varieties of Xinyue and Dayang were at the same price. In fact, Japan knew that the price of US $470/T was absolutely impossible to clinch a deal, and the counter-offer price of many less interested importers was only US $440/T, Therefore, we believe that the quotation of 470-480 U.S. dollars/T, including South Korea and Japan, is essentially just a signal that negotiations can be concluded again. Under the pressure of export in a short time, their PVC export transaction price in US dollars soon fell to about US $440/T, or even lower

Taiwan still has many contracts concluded in September that cannot receive letters of credit, and after negotiation between the two sides, the foreign party is willing to reduce the contract transaction price, but the range will not be greater. Therefore, Formosa Plastics is worried that once Formosa Plastics rapidly reduces the price, the oil will enter the PVC quotation in the working cylinder through the oil pipe, which will cause greater conflict with the importer, so it is also in a dilemma at present. 307 polystyrene insulation board adhesive

as for Thailand, it has always followed the path of Japan. After Japan lowered its export price, the export quotation of PVC in Thailand was also lowered to $470-480/T. And Sino ocean PVC has long ignored all this. As early as the week before last, it lowered the export price to $450/T. the main varieties are PVC produced in Iran, North America, South America and Europe

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