Summary of PE market in the hottest week in China

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Summary of domestic PE market in a week

under the situation of continuous weakness of the overall economy and sluggish demand, the polyethylene market has returned to calm this week after vigorous speculation in the last two weeks. In the past week, the customs clearance procedures of domestic major ports have been slow, and it is difficult for the imported goods at the wharf to flow into the city for a while, resulting in the shortage of some varieties in several major domestic markets again. During this period of time, the inventory of all domestic petrochemical enterprises has been particularly low, and there has been considerable enthusiasm for picking up goods. Some large factories have had to control the invoicing volume

in terms of external market, since last week, due to the shutdown of three production plants in Malaysia and Thailand, the ethylene supply in Southeast Asia has been tight. At present, the spot price of ethylene in Southeast Asia is cfr345 US dollars. Due to the oversold sales in the early stage and the low overall operating rate in recent years, the PE inventory of major factories in South Korea is not large at present. Several major factories took the opportunity to raise their offer and waited for the situation to change in the stalemate. Recently, the approximate offer price of Korean products is: LDPE cfr570 US dollars; LLDPE suspends quotation; HDPE drawing grade cfr520 US dollars, hollow grade cfr540 US dollars, injection molding grade cfr5 is currently mainly produced by small enterprises at 10 US dollars, and the quotation of film blowing grade is suspended. A trading company quoted Formosa Plastics blowing film as cfr540 US dollars. From the perspective of orders, LDPE has a large trading volume at USD, while LLDPE and HDPE wire drawing grades have a large trading volume at USD 480. Considering the uncertainties in the future, importers are not interested in the rising Korean offer at present, and instead pay attention to the ocean freight offer with lower price

lldpe did not have sufficient supply in the future after it rose and fell last Wednesday. In addition, the demand for agricultural film materials in northern China has increased significantly in the past month, which has played a strong supporting role in the market. The price of LLDPE in major domestic markets is between yuan. The origin of the curve shows a partial deviation from the LLDPE shortage in Shanghai. The recent LLDPE price in Southwest China is significantly higher than that in other regions in China, and the mainstream price is between. Therefore, most of Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE has been sold to the southwest recently. At present, its ex factory price has been raised to 5800 yuan, and the quantity is not much; The ex factory price of Guangzhou Petrochemical yesterday was 5760 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical is RMB yuan, but it controls Invoicing; Jilin converted to 5900 yuan; Panjin Petrochemical is 5800 yuan; Tianjin Lianhua is 5900 yuan; Zhongyuan Petrochemical is 5800 yuan; PetroChina Southwest is the first yuan

ldpe prices have been strong for a week. The ex factory price of Qilu Petrochemical is yuan, that of Yanhua is yuan, that of Shanghai Jinshan q281 is 6400 yuan, that of Q200 is 6300 yuan, and that of PetroChina Southwest is 6300 yuan. Domestic market prices vary widely. Some dealers in Shandong have accumulated goods and are preparing for future speculation. The current price is more than 6000 yuan; Due to shortage in Shanghai market, the price was speculated to yuan, becoming the highest price in the country; 6500 yuan in Xiamen; The mainstream price in the Pearl River Delta is about 6400 yuan; It is about 6400 yuan in eastern Guangdong

the trend of HDPE has been ambiguous in the past week - it can neither rise nor fall. Yanhua wire drawing 5000S is 5610 yuan; Qilu blown film grade is 6098 yuan, big hollow is 1158 yuan, and tube material 2480 is 6550 yuan; The listing price of Yangzi Petrochemical 5000S is 5750 yuan, and that of 7000F is 5800 yuan; Panjin Petrochemical 5070 is 5700 yuan; PetroChina Southwest 5000S is 6000 yuan, and injection molding grade is 5800 yuan

at present, the film blowing level in Shandong is 6098 yuan; In Shanghai, the injection grade 2911 is 5800 yuan, the blown film grade 6098 is 6300 yuan, and the price of 5000S is 6000 yuan because there are few goods shipped to Shanghai from Yangzi and Daqing; In South China, the blowing film grade 9001 in Xiamen is more than 6000 yuan, the injection molding 80064 is 5500 yuan, and the hollow b5429 and 6200 are 5800 yuan. In the Pearl River Delta, the 5000S is 5750 yuan, the film blowing material 6888 is 6000 yuan, and the plastic injection 9180 is 5600 yuan. In eastern Guangdong, in the past week, with the shrinking demand, foreign enterprises will monopolize China's plastic extruder Market and gradually decline, generally falling by dozens of yuan. Wire drawing grade E308 is 5650 yuan, film blowing grade F600 is 6100 yuan, 9001 is 5880 yuan, and injection molding grade m691 is 5700 yuan

judging from the current national situation, the stability of polyethylene prices, especially HDPE prices, is actually supported by the shortage of goods. The prices of LLDPE and LDPE have been consolidated at the current price after rising in the early stage, the trading volume has increased, and the market is moderate and good. This confirms the old saying that stability is paramount

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