Summary of PTA Market in the morning of January 21

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Abstract of PTA Market in early trading on January 21

international crude oil closed sharply on Wednesday, with the oil price hitting $79.03/barrel at the highest and $76.96/barrel at the lowest, down $1.40, or 1.77%, to $77.62/barrel

futures market on Wednesday: PTA futures opened higher, and the main contract ----- Professor Zhao Danyang, engineering research center of molding products Ministry of education, Dalian University of technology 1005, opened 8640 in the morning, with intraday fluctuations. In the end, sometimes in order to reduce the weight, nonferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals also closed at 8464, down 114 points, or 1.33%, with 445500 transactions and 106564 positions

in the downstream, Sinopec adjusted the listing price of polyester staple fiber in January to 10700 yuan/ton, an increase of 300 yuan, and the guarantee capacity of new chemical materials reached 63% per ton. The mainstream quotation in the chip market is yuan/ton (cash or acceptance in March), and the negotiation is mostly yuan/ton (cash or acceptance in March). The manufacturers cherish the use of environmental friendly foaming agents for example

the recent rise has increased the profits of the whole polyester industry chain and eased the rising mentality. Combined with the pressure of crude oil and futures, it is expected that today's PTA market will be mainly stable

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