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A summary of recent domestic diethylene glycol/ethylene glycol market prices

I. MEG in Asian market: on Wednesday, the Asian ethylene glycol market closed at US $910/ton CFR, up US $5. The seller's offer is not much, the shipment intention is 915 dollars/ton CFR, and the construction and operation of this material is convenient. The buyer's inquiry intention is stable, the mainstream negotiation of shipping goods is 910 dollars/ton CFR, and the negotiation is relatively light. The mainstream negotiation of bonded goods is 925 dollars/ton CFR, and the trading is active. The buyer's inquiry volume is 1. The frequency of change experiment is adjustable (0 (5) Hz). DEG: the Asian diethylene glycol market was stable on Wednesday, closing at USD/ton CFR. The mainstream offer of foreign businessmen for may shipment is 980 US dollars/ton CFR, the buyer's inquiry intention is 960 US dollars/ton CFR, and the mainstream negotiation in the market is US dollars/ton CFR. The buyer offered cautiously and the negotiation was light. Part of the Middle East diethylene glycol shipped in May was traded in USD/ton CFR

2. MEG in East China market: the opening of Jiangsu glycol market was stable on Thursday morning. The seller's offer was 8600 yuan/ton (out of tank), the large order quotation was not much, and there was a reluctance to sell. The mainstream negotiation intention of small orders was about 8550 yuan/ton (out of tank). The seller's mentality was stable, the offer tended to be firm, and the buyer's inquiry was general. DEG: Jiangsu diethylene glycol market opened smoothly on Thursday morning. The mainstream market quotation was 9300 yuan/ton (out of tank), and the mainstream market negotiation intention was yuan/ton (out of tank). The seller has the intention to raise the market and push up, and the news of high price transaction in the external market has boosted the mentality

III. MEG in South China market: the ethylene glycol market in South China was strong on Thursday. Traders in Guangdong offered 8600 yuan/ton (out of the tank), and the negotiation was at yuan/ton (out of the tank). The factory output of Maoming Petrochemical is RMB/ton (out of tank). CNOOC and shell are listed at 8400 yuan/ton. The seller's mentality is stable, the local supply is tight, the offer is not much, the market is stable and upward, and the negotiation is normal. DEG: in the diethylene glycol market in South China on Thursday, the offer in Guangdong was 9600 yuan/ton (out of cans), and the negotiation was 9500 yuan/ton (out of cans). Some factories made inquiries, and the high-end quotation of middlemen was 9700 yuan/ton (out of cans). The ceramic, glass and refractory industries in the local warehouse have actively carried out the comprehensive treatment of kiln flue gas desulfurization, denitration and dust removal and the transformation of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Although it is currently on the high side, the seller's mentality is relatively stable due to the arrival gap in May

IV. refinery quotation Yangzi petrochemical ethylene glycol was listed at 8700 yuan/ton in May, up 300 yuan from April; The settlement price in April was 8500 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan from the settlement price in March. CNOOC and shell ethylene glycol settled the delivery price of 8500 yuan/ton in April, and the delivery price listed in May was 8700 yuan/ton, up 300 yuan/ton from the listing price in April

v. analysis of the ethylene glycol market in the future, positive factors: the upstream ethylene price rebounded strongly; Meglobal introduced the contract price of ethylene glycol in May at 960 dollars/ton CFR, while SABIC and shell introduced the contract price of ethylene glycol in May at 950 dollars/ton CFR even without polymer slurry; In terms of outer disk, due to the maintenance of foreign devices, the supply is tight and the price is high; Downstream factories have good production and sales, low product inventory, smooth sales, no inventory pressure, and high operating rate; Recently, downstream prices have shown a trend of overall rise again; The contract settlement prices of related products PTA and downstream polyester products Sinopec in April increased significantly compared with March; The contract settlement price of Yangzi Petrochemical in April increased by 200 yuan compared with the contract settlement price in March. The settlement delivery price of CNOOC shell glycol in April was 8500 yuan/ton, and the listed delivery price in May was 8700 yuan/ton, up 300 yuan/ton compared with the listed price in April; The May Day holiday is coming, and the factory may stock up. Negative factors: Taiwan South Asia plans to start a 600000 ton new MEG device in Mailiao by the end of May; The buyer's intention to receive the goods is not high, and the negotiation atmosphere is light. On the whole, the downstream polyester market is in the peak demand season to support the market, and the seller's mentality is also relatively stable. He is optimistic about the market in May, but it is restrained by the buyer's indifferent attitude. It is expected that the market will be strong before the holiday, and the seller will push up the market slightly. In the diethylene glycol market, positive factors: the downstream factories started well, some factories started at full capacity, the demand was better than that in the early stage, and April and may were the traditional peak seasons; There are not many external resources, and the transaction level of Middle East goods has reached US dollars; The cost of first-hand business is high, the mentality is stable, and the future market is still cautiously optimistic; As the May Day holiday is coming, the factory may prepare goods before the holiday, and the trading volume will be enlarged. Negative factors: Jiangsu Port inventory is high, and the supply side pressure is large; Some traders have financial pressure, and after the continuous rise in prices in the early stage, some shipping intentions have increased; Recently, the arrival of goods at the port is relatively concentrated, and the cost is reduced. On the whole, the market was generally consolidated in a narrow range with a small rebound before the festival due to the game of positive and negative factors

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