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Thermal development dry non silver imaging products and technology application analysis (IX)

in recent years, the image industry has been digitalized, and the rapid development of personalized services such as photographing, image kiosks, and digital certificate photos has brought unlimited business opportunities for TA thermal printing. Since Fuji CX-400 and cx-550 and nc-400d launched in 2004 have been listed in China, they have been loved by families and small and medium-sized photo studios and studios around the world. Fuji predicted in 2003 that after one to two years, the use of TA mode photo dedicated peek for such use will increase the product diversification, and the printer market will expand from 200000 sets/year to 500000 sets/year, ensuring a 30% market share in the sublimation and other thermal imaging photo dedicated printer market. Therefore, the consumption of special photo paper for TA printer will naturally increase significantly. At present, the system is only applied to the field of ordinary photography. After continuous technological innovation, it is likely to expand to the fields of printing and medical treatment in the future

3. Development of thermal dyes

① at first, the discovery of black fluorane thermal dyes made a significant contribution to the development of thermal recording paper. The development of each company is shown in the following table:

② in the 1970s, most thermal papers used colorless or light colored parent materials of dyes to generate colored working measuring instruments that were listed in the national compulsory metrological verification catalogue with chromogenic agents, measuring standards that were included in the assessment scope of measurement standards, and main accessories must be metrologically verified dyes. Colorless or light colored dyes are used to reduce them to denatured dyes, Divide it "Based on the properties of the material, the inner aliphatic ring is contained in the sub. when heated, it, together with organic or inorganic chromogenic agents, can obtain electrons from colorless dyes as acceptor phenolic compounds. At this time, the inner aliphatic ring opens and becomes colored dyes.

there are many kinds of dyes used, mainly chrysophane dyes, diphenyl dyes, triphenylmethane dyes, oxazine dyes, etc.

③ after the 1980s, there are three prominent manifestations: chemical heat sensitive records Materials have been greatly developed. People have done a lot of research work in the aspects of high density, high thermal sensitivity, plastic resistance, oil resistance, diffusion resistance, light resistance, heat resistance stability, moisture resistance and antioxidant preservation; Diazonium salt also plays an important role in thermal recording materials; The physical thermal information recording material has no chemical reaction, and the multi pass overheat transfer machine will heat and sublimate the coating containing various colored dyes, fatty acid amides, polyesters, etc. and transfer it to another paper base

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