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Intelligent detection predictive maintenance

Abstract: Based on vibration analysis, the monitoring system can detect base failure, wear, misalignment, calibration deviation, and unclassified abnormal phenomena generated during the conversion of vibration mode

as we all know, FAG smart check of Schaeffler Group, as a flexible and scalable monitoring system, can continuously and stably monitor mechanical equipment and process parameters. Based on the vibration analysis, the monitoring system can detect the base failure, wear, misalignment, calibration deviation, as well as the abnormal phenomena that cannot be classified when converting the vibration mode

the measurement system has a scalable three-stage mode. In the first stage, one or more smart check devices monitor individual units, drives, or discrete components. In the second stage, the operator selects the equipment that is integrated into the mechanical control system, equipped with RS485 interface and analog and digital input and output ports, and is connected to the customer's console with the help of Ethernet interface. In the third stage, the whole status monitor is connected through the Internet, which allows remote access in addition to the solutions obtained in the customer or through the new cloud

Figure 1 smart check (intelligent detection) is connected with cloud computing to realize intelligent and fast service process

even in the smallest structural classification, smart check is also a complete state monitoring system, which has the following characteristics:

● a Linux operating system

● a program and data memory with a function time method that will be covered up if the compression calculation needs to be kept

● configuration software

● a rolling bearing database with fag and ina standard rolling bearing data

● in order to identify the vibration mode of the unit, 10 component models are provided (for example, pumps, ventilators, motors, transmissions, belt drives)

● a small page server that can access the Internet

fag smart check's integrated page server allows direct access to test data through interconnection, and is independent of the selected it organization. Customers can use any browser to log in to a single smart check device directly in their own network where high molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials, or on the console, which can not only search data, but also display calculated parameters. Because the component samples are provided, the identified vibration model can be matched with the corresponding components. Ten different samples are: e motor, ventilation setting, pump, transmission, belt drive, coupling and rolling bearing, which are all integrated in the smart check equipment, and set the unique data of components, such as the number of fan blades, belt length, bearing type, etc

there is an interface at the connection between figure 2 and cloud computing, from which data can be accessed.

the instrument provides an integrated rolling bearing database with fag and ina standard product data for rolling bearings. The operator can add the information of other rolling bearings in the database at any time. Smart check can be put into use immediately after referring to the component samples and completing the matching and learning mode. In order to keep the equipment in the new state or "good state", the learning mode is necessary, because it can:

● calculate and monitor the important parameters of the selected component samples

● analyze the vibration tester data under all operating conditions, such as speed

● the alarm threshold related to the operating load and speed can be automatically determined (the alarm threshold can be automatically adjusted without input)

this configuration allows the smart check system to accurately monitor machinery and equipment

alarm process

while the smart check system recognizes and classifies typical patterns, it also learns the vibration patterns and trend charts. However, in order to judge and explain the causes, many necessary experience, comparison parameters and special analysis tools are needed. The status monitoring expert evaluates and analyzes the newly obtained data by logging in to a single smart check device or through the control center. Together with other data, such as process parameters and temperature, it is usually possible to draw precise conclusions about the damage process and infer the reason for the sudden stop of work

Figure 3 in addition to other processes, in Schaeffler cloud computing, the status monitor

is also executed with the help of smart check system. The disadvantage of this method is particularly reflected in large-scale devices: in order to analyze data, a power of attorney or authorization must be written by manual mail. The time for handling the entrustment is often too long, which consumes the energy of the enterprise. Not only that, the customer must know where the loss exists before submitting the Commission, and then re calibrate the sensor to work on the bench machine normally

optional cloud solution

"we found a solution to this complex problem in the cloud solution," explained ssler, the service product manager. "Connecting with the cloud through the CM system, the service process between the customer and Schaeffler is digitalized, and the processing process is faster and more intelligent."

in order to connect the status monitor to the cloud, an interface is set up on the smart check hard disk to provide data for Schaeffler cloud. From Schaeffler cloud, the party providing rolling bearing solutions learned not only relevant data and general software, but also the special service called "hosting" provided by the company

in Schaeffler cloud, the remaining running time of rolling bearings is calculated according to the actual load and the state monitoring based on smart check system. In addition, it can automatically get a brand-new diagnostic report of the so-called rolling bearing. This diagnostic report is automatically generated with the operation. Kessler added, "we have found a way to automatically process big data for rolling bearing diagnostic evaluation."

Figure 4 vibration detector fag intelligent detection (smart check) has represented a complete state monitoring system even in the smallest structural classification.

smart check itself no longer processes vibration data, but is automatically completed in cloud computing China's first robot with patient's brain implanted electrode idea control. Because cloud computing is connected with other mechanical and sensor data, it has huge computing power and a variety of analysis possibilities. Because customers use their terminal devices as clients in the IT structure, they can always obtain the latest calculation and analysis methods by connecting to the cloud through the network without installing software

cloud solutions also offer other benefits. The software in the cloud can independently identify the changes in the vibration model through any smart check device, and can

● send an alarm immediately

● maintenance measures need not be taken immediately by the condition monitoring expert

how to avoid pause time and appointments confirmed by customers, condition monitoring experts and maintenance teams through or email? With the new service mentioned above, it is possible to automatically get the rolling bearing diagnosis report

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