The highest turnover in the company's history

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Turk has the highest turnover in the company's history.

Turk predicts that the turnover of the company in fiscal year 2011 will exceed 430million euros, with a year-on-year increase of 25%

Muelheim, on September 28, 2011, Automation Expert Turk announced that the company's turnover this year (fiscal year 2011) reached a record high. Christian wall, the managing director of Turck, replaced or rewound the transformer; If the voltage stabilizing circuit of the electronic universal experimental machine is abnormal, Mr. C (hristian wolf, after using the experimental machine for a long time) said at the annual press conference in neuce, Germany that the total business volume of the family business Turk this year is expected to exceed 430million euros, of which the business revenue in Germany will reach 100million euros. After the company's turnover increased by 30% last year, Turk's performance continued to increase by about 25% this year. At the same time, the number of employees has also increased. At present, Turk has more than 3000 employees worldwide, including 1530 employees working in beierfeld, Halver and mlheim an der Ruhr in Germany

according to our current estimate, our total turnover this year will far exceed our ambitious target of 400million euros. Mr. Wolff said that this is not only due to the economic prosperity of our target market, but also due to our continuous implementation and implementation of our development strategy. This year, Turk increased its investment in the market and production capacity, and set up new subsidiaries in Brazil and Turkey as planned. Turk also invested in polestar. It is estimated that 15million euros will be invested to expand the plant area in Halver, Germany to 18500 square meters, and another 6million dollars will be invested to expand the plant area in Minneapolis, the United States to 4000 square meters

in order to ensure the 10% growth of the company's performance in 2012, Turck will further expand its own success factors along the development of the enterprise's net asset chain. From procurement, logistics distribution, sales, R & D, service to financing, we use effective means to promote the optimization of the company's performance. Mr. Wolff further explained to the company's development strategy that the brand effect of the employer itself is particularly important. Today, the brand of qualified and satisfied employees and an attractive employer has become increasingly important, and Turk will continue to strengthen in this regard

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