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The maximum speed of China's high-speed rail will reach 380 kilometers per hour next year. Zhangshuguang, deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of railways, said at the 7th China world high speed rail conference held on December 7 that the crh380 series high-speed trains under development in China set the speed target at 380 kilometers per hour and will be mass produced and put into operation in 2011. According to the China Securities News, the high-speed railway test car developed by China will be tested next year. The car will strive to break the previous record of 574.8 kilometers per hour set by the French test train

industry experts believe that the speed increase of high-speed rail will exert great competitive pressure on the aviation industry, especially short haul airlines. From the perspective of miniaturization of energy consumption and pollution emission engines, high-speed rail is superior to other modes of transportation and will get greater development in the future

the operating speed has been continuously improved

since the development of high-speed railway, a series of technological innovations and practices have been carried out around speed improvement. After more than 40 years of development, the speed has been increased from 210 kilometers per hour to 350 kilometers per hour, and is moving towards a higher speed

zhangshuguang said that throughout the three scientific revolutions in the world, the time for the transformation of major technological inventions into production has shown a significant trend of shortening. The development of new energy technology, new material technology, modern electronic technology and information technology may trigger the technological revolution of high-speed trains. It is expected that the operating speed of high-speed trains is expected to exceed 400 kilometers per hour in years, and 500 kilometers per hour in years

according to the data, on December 3, the "harmony" crh380 high-speed EMU train was tested and operated in Zaozhuang Bengbu of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, with a maximum speed of 486.1 kilometers per hour

alternative to other transportation modes

the convenience of high-speed rail is forming a strong competition with other transportation modes

a project manager from Siemens, Germany, said that for short trips of less than 4 hours, high-speed rail is more competitive than air 1 in terms of its market strategy and layout strategy, such as air, bus and private car. Smith, a professor at the Royal College of prices, said that for journeys within kilometers, high-speed rail is more competitive than aircraft

experts also believe that with the continuous acceleration of high-speed rail, the competitive pressure on other modes of transportation will become greater and greater. From the perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of high-speed rail is worth encouraging. In addition to China, Japan, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions are also vigorously planning and developing high-speed rail

"from the perspective of energy consumption, the railway energy consumption in all countries is relatively small, but it can not be concluded that the energy conservation and emission reduction effect of railway is not strong. The unit transportation energy consumption of railway is far lower than that of highway and civil aviation. Through the effective replacement of other transportation modes, the overall energy consumption of transportation can be greatly reduced." Huang Yin, deputy director of the Institute of energy conservation, environmental protection, labor and health of China Academy of Railway Sciences, said

according to wanghuichen of the economic planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of railways, according to the comparison of design capacity, in order to achieve the same passenger turnover, the land used by expressways is about 2.5 times that of railways, and the gap in actual operation is even greater. In 2009, for example, the land used by highways is 16.33 times that of railways. According to the energy consumption per 10000 person kilometers completed by China's passenger transport in 2008, the energy consumption ratio of electric traction railway, bus and civil aviation is 1:4.6:16

at present, the construction of high-speed rail in China is in full swing. Liuzhijun, Minister of railways, said at the conference that the operating mileage of China's high-speed railway has reached 7531 kilometers, and more than 10000 kilometers are under construction. China is the country with the longest high-speed rail operation mileage and the largest scale under construction in the world. Teknor apex's plants in Asia, Europe and North America can now provide all three series of compounds

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