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Cut across the sky! The Warsaw tower, the highest building in the European Union, is about to make its debut in position C

across the sky! Warsaw tower, the highest building in the European Union, is about to make its debut in position C

March 24, 2020

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is both romantic and brave, integrating ancient and modern. This city has experienced Chopin's notes, witnessed the historical moment when radium was discovered, and also suffered hardships and wind and frost

however, Warsaw has been reborn and transformed into one of the most dynamic capitals in Eastern Europe. Over the years, the urban landscape of Warsaw has been constantly changing. New high-rise buildings have broken through the ground, adding a lively and modern urban temperament to the background of traditional Eastern European customs

old city

new city

soon, with the completion of a skyscraper, the construction of Warsaw will usher in a new milestone

Warsaw tower

, which rises in the center of Warsaw and occupies the golden C position, has long been included in the list of global landmarks although it has not been completed. This is because it will "debut" as the tallest building in the EU in 2021 and refresh the skyline of Poland

how high is the Warsaw tower that makes Poland "tall"? What does it look like? Now, let's unveil its mystery

the Warsaw tower has 53 floors and a height of 310m, which greatly exceeds the 237m high culture and science palace, the highest record holder in Poland in the past 60 years, and the 309.6m London fragment building, the highest building in the European Union

the top floor is equipped with a panoramic terrace. After the completion of the building, visitors can climb to the highest point in Poland and enjoy the urban scenery of Warsaw 360 degrees. Overlooking the visva River, the longest river in Poland, and the dome of the culture and science palace, which was once the highest building in Poland, it is a great place to punch in the beautiful scenery

next to the tower are two podium buildings with a height of 80 meters and 90 meters respectively. The three buildings together can provide a vast space of 140000 square meters

in addition to business office, these spaces will also open restaurants, cafes, small grocery stores and convenience stores to citizens and tourists, becoming a multi-functional business complex integrating office, business and tourism

in addition to metal particles

in addition to its rich functions, the appearance of Warsaw tower is also amazing. Its cascading roof and lush sky garden create a simple vitality. The test method for tensile bond strength of high-rise tower tip scratch adhesive: break the sky, leaving a distinct visual impact, and the striking black appearance is an important step in implementing the upgrading strategy of China's manufacturing industry

this black is from AkzoNobel's powder coating interpon d2525. The striking black sand pattern fully meets the custom color requirements of Warsaw tower. Interpon d2525 series is applied to the wall panels and profiles of the whole building with its excellent weather resistance and decoration. At the same time, interpon redox plus anti-corrosion primer provides super toughness for the base material, long-term protection of the tower from the scorching sun, strong wind, especially the thin-layer insulation rainstorm and other adverse weather, and helps Huasha tower "ultra long standby"

in 2021, Warsaw tower will be officially completed and opened to the outside world, which will refresh Poland's height as a European landmark, and AkzoNobel's painting experience will add another heavy color. Over the years, we have been committed to providing high-performance products and advanced solutions to top buildings around the world. We have painted many city landmarks, such as Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Peaks tower, London fragment building, Barcelona holy family hall, Beijing bird's nest, Sydney Opera House and so on:

in the future, our global painting journey will continue to provide protection for more buildings and add color to more cities

* some pictures in this article are from the officer of foster + Partners

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