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Shenshi plastic high performance ultra-high composite pipe passed the appraisal recently, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized experts to appraise the scientific and technological achievements of the project "high performance ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene steel skeleton reinforced composite pipe and their interaction with long chain to exert expansion" jointly developed by Taizhou Shenshi Plastic Co., Ltd. and Changzhou University at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing

academician lihelin of the Chinese Academy of engineering and experts from the Chinese Academy of functional composite film materials, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of chemical technology, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of technology, petroleum pipe Engineering Technology Research Institute of CNPC and Daqing Oilfield Design Institute listened to the project work report The technical report and the user representatives spoke, inspected the product samples and reviewed the identification data. After careful discussion, the participating experts agreed that the project is a very good independent innovation achievement, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level

aiming at the domestic and international market demand, Taizhou Shenshi Plastic Co., Ltd. independently developed the UHMWPE pipe forming process technology and equipment of screw solid-phase conveying and extrusion and rapid heating and shaping of die head, designed the reinforcement structure of small gap bidirectional winding of high-strength spring steel wire and high-temperature and high-pressure sizing of polyolefin special adhesive resin, and developed the UHMWPE pipe as the inner pipe, high-strength spring steel wire as the reinforcing layer A new type of composite pipe with modified high density polyethylene as protective layer and polyolefin special adhesive resin as interlayer. Its preparation process and equipment technology have independent intellectual property rights and have obtained 12 national patents, including 2 invention patents

sunyaocan, head of Hailing District, dinghekou, deputy head of Hailing District, and responsible comrades of municipal and district science and technology departments attended the appraisal meeting

interpretation of relevant data

pipeline transportation is a new transportation mode developed after railway, highway, water transportation and air transportation. Due to the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption and low transportation cost, it has attracted extensive attention all over the world. For a long time, steel pipes have been mainly used as pipeline materials. The steel pipe has high strength and is easy to weld. The dynamic display of experimental torque and change of fillet connection are large, and it is not resistant to corrosion, wear and easy to scale. In particular, the corrosion of the medium and environment to the steel pipe has brought about pipe failure and economic losses from time to time. Plastic pipe is corrosion-resistant and has partially replaced steel pipe, but its low strength, temperature resistance, impact resistance and easy aging greatly limit the application of plastic pipe

it is understood that the existing plastic composite pipes in the market are mainly used for buried, low-pressure and water pipes. With the continuous development of pipeline transportation, the transportation of solid, solid-liquid, gas-liquid and other mixed materials, corrosive media such as hydrogen sulfide and high viscous crude oil materials such as wax has put forward more special requirements for the performance of the pipeline, such as the disposal of waste plastics through landfilling. The market is in urgent need of high-performance composite pipes with corrosion resistance, high pressure, wear resistance, high impact resistance, anti scaling, low friction and low temperature resistance

UHMWPE steel skeleton reinforced composite pipe has excellent comprehensive performance, pressure bearing capacity up to 10MPa, corrosion resistance to H2S, CO2, cl- and acid, alkali, organic solvents and other media, impact strength 5 times that of high-density polyethylene, wear resistance 7 times that of carbon steel, and anti scaling, low friction and low temperature resistance. The product has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, mining, thermal power, channel dredging and other industries, showing unique advantages and very broad market prospects

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