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Liugong 2017 dealers' annual meeting: the post market business display attracts numerous attention

the enterprises that can do all these are worthy of respect. Liugong 2017 dealer annual meeting: the post market business display attracts numerous attention

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on November 13-14, Liugong global dealers' annual meeting was held in Changzhou. The annual meeting was the first international and domestic dealers' annual meeting held at the same time and in the same place. More than 1000 participants from home and abroad gathered

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Liugong 2017 dealer annual meeting

Liugong post market business display module, as an important part of the static display area in the plant area of Liugong Changzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., this annual meeting attracted a lot of attention

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after more than two months of careful preparation and careful deployment by the post market team, the post market display module displayed Liugong's latest 856h4f and 922e4f complete machine electrical training teaching boards, core parts for parts sales and sections of remanufactured parts. In the middle of the exhibition hall, there are promotional videos including comprehensive businesses such as post market service, training, technical materials, accessories and remanufacture, as well as newly released 856h and 922E machine maintenance videos

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after the market business exhibition, numerous

light alloy of household materials will throw out four obvious features of appearance materials. In the exhibition, the electrical teaching board has become the focus of attention, and a number of dealers in Mexico, Thailand and other countries have put forward purchase orders. The dealer is delighted that liugongneng has developed such standard training aids with complete functions and exquisite design

in addition, the post market business has been continuously subdivided: the service module has gone deep into the world to provide services for thousands of miles, and the dealer's engine service qualification has been authorized; Localize parts procurement, actively focus on the demand for overseas core product parts, and strive to improve the satisfaction rate of parts; Remanufacturing and secondary business have been greatly promoted in terms of core repurchase channel, remanufacturing process, quality, efficiency and remanufactured parts promotion and marketing

the continuous subdivision and improvement of the business module of Liugong's after-sales market has enabled more dealers to understand the business composition and support ability of Liugong's after-sales market, and has doubled their confidence in the effective after-sales support that Liugong can get with the sales of new products

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