The highest h f2lp09 blade improves the process re

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Shangao hf2 lp09 blade improves the process reliability of the machine tool

the new rectangular lp09 blade significantly improves the production efficiency and process safety. The larger size blade can be used for the cutter body of shangao hf2 series fast feed, which can easily and efficiently deal with high feed milling. According to 3A composite materials company, it can also be used for face milling, spiral interpolation milling, slot milling, side milling, cavity milling and insert milling. In addition, it can also be widely used in a variety of workpiece materials, including viscous and difficult to process materials commonly used in the industries of molds and dies, aerospace, oil and natural gas, etc

stronger tool tip fillet and more teeth/blades - in some cases, the diameter of each tool body can reach 5 teeth for the power supply of the tensile testing machine. At the same time, it has 2 cutting edges, which can achieve faster feed. There is a strong demand for replacing imported products, that is, faster material removal effect. The chip removal groove of the high feed 2 cutter body has been optimized. The cutter body is made of high-strength steel, which is durable and can discharge iron chips quickly and efficiently during high feed milling

compared with the square blade, which is mainly determined by the nature of the course itself, the rectangular blade has a longer service life and a denser tooth pitch. These rectangular blades can also maintain a thicker and stronger core. The blade is easy to rotate, which ensures that the blade is correctly installed in the cutter body seat

series overview

cutter body

inch diameter 1.25 "to 4.00

metric diameter 25 mm to 100 mm


front angle

dense pitch version

complete material grade range

key features

higher metal removal rate (MRR)

blade is easy to install and use

rectangular blade improves process safety

each blade has two cutting edges

internal cooling channel

solid screw clamping

main advantages


process safety

higher productivity

cost saving

longer tool life

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