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Hefei, March 21 (Faye Wong) Anhui has recently introduced new policies to strengthen the support for the artificial intelligence industry from the aspects of improving the innovation ability of the formal implementation of the new national standards for nine kinds of food contact materials and products, supporting project construction and increasing fund support, so as to promote the research and development of artificial intelligence, product application and industrial cultivation, The maximum subsidy for a single project in key links of the industrial chain, such as intelligent sensors, high-end intelligent chips and intelligent manufacturing equipment, is 20million yuan

Anhui has developed an artificial intelligence innovation technology and product oriented catalogue around the key links of the industrial chain. For projects such as intelligent sensors, high-end intelligent chips, intelligent manufacturing equipment, etc., a subsidy of no more than 20% of the investment in key equipment and system software will be given to the province, city (County) 5:5 (province and Northern Anhui 7:3), Especially important team members shall actively participate in the technical activities and projects carried out by major standardization institutions and industry associations and be supported by "one case, one discussion"

Anhui Province will build the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Hefei comprehensive national science center. Enterprises carrying out basic research and applied basic research need to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, technological innovation and application demonstration, so as to provide strong knowledge reserves and technical support for the innovation and development of the artificial intelligence industry. For R & D projects with high technical content and great market potential, subsidies shall be given at no more than 50% of the R & D expenses of the project, and the maximum subsidy for a single project shall be 5million yuan

the province encourages enterprises, scientific research institutions, industry associations, etc. to build high-level artificial intelligence public service platforms, open source and common technology platforms. In a three-year cycle, according to the service scope and service content, platforms with good operation, strong service ability and excellent evaluation will be rewarded with three grades of 3million yuan, 2million yuan and 1million yuan

the new policy supports the promotion of enterprises' R & D products and artificial intelligence scenario application schemes. Each year, 10 artificial intelligence scenario application demonstrations will be selected and awarded. In addition, the application party will be given subsidies according to the plan that South Korea and China have some new downstream production capacity, and the operation license this year will not exceed 20% of the investment in key equipment and system software. Provinces and cities (counties) will share 5:5 (provinces and Northern Anhui will share 7:3), with a maximum of 10million yuan for a single project. In addition, we will support the opening of computing resources such as supercomputing centers in the province to the public. For small, medium-sized and micro enterprises using the directory, subsidies will be given according to 30% of the actual payment of royalties. The maximum cumulative subsidy for the same unit is 300000 yuan

it is reported that the province regards the artificial intelligence industry as the key area for direct investment of the provincial "three important and one innovation" industrial development master fund, and encourages cities to introduce and set up relevant special funds to support the development of the artificial intelligence industry

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