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In recent years, wooden doors have become one of the fastest-growing categories in the home building materials industry. However, how to select wooden doors has always troubled the majority of consumers, because wooden doors can not be opened like other products to check the internal situation. Mr. Xue, a citizen, paid a high price for the solid wood door, but he didn't expect that it was filled with paper shells. The survey found that there are many brands in the wooden door market, with large price differences, and consumers are generally facing difficulties in choosing. However, due to the lack of industry standards, the wooden door industry is mixed with good and evil people, and the quality problems cannot be solved. The above two errors have a great impact on the small load measurement

complaint: the paper shell filled in the inner layer of the high priced wooden door

Mr. Xue, a citizen, bought a new house. In order to make the decoration of the house more environmentally friendly, he carefully selected the paint, floor and wooden door by himself, striving for excellent quality. Especially for the wooden doors at home, he visited many stores, one of which claimed that the "solid wooden doors" he sold were absolutely "excellent in quality", and he contracted for labor and materials, and also provided one-stop services such as installation. Finally, he was persuaded by the other party's propaganda and spent thousands of yuan to buy a set of wooden doors, which made him very popular these days. "Look at these broken paper shells. Can you put such things in the door?" Mr. Xue angrily said that when buying, the merchants repeatedly claimed that they were selling solid wood doors, and he was also convinced of the merchants' statement. Because the wooden door could not be opened for inspection, Mr. Xue could only trust the promise of the merchant. Unexpectedly, the door had only been used for a few months. A few days ago, he accidentally damaged the wooden door when he was moving things. Only then did he discover the fishiness inside: the pure solid wooden door promised by the merchant was only made of wooden strips, and the outside was pasted with a beautiful skin, which made it more difficult for him to directly provide Jaguar Land Rover UK factory with excellent aluminum extrusion products as a first-class supplier. Unfortunately, the inner layer of the wooden door was actually made of paper shell

random inspection: the qualified rate of wooden doors is only 89.5%

the interview found that Mr. Xue's experience is not an individual case. Many citizens have experienced wooden door quality problems, and most consumers are confused about how to choose wooden doors with qualified quality

in a spot check on the quality of log doors conducted by the quality inspection department, the products produced by 240 enterprises were spot checked. According to the requirements of the national standard, the size, water absorption and other items of the log doors were tested. It was found that 25 kinds of products did not meet the requirements of the standard, and the qualified rate was only 89.5%, that is to say, one in ten customers bought a wooden door with quality problems

survey: consumers have a difficult choice when buying wooden doors

recently, they visited the furniture street on North Zhenjiang road and a number of building materials markets in Licang. They found that there are many brands in the wooden door market. No matter solid or composite wooden doors, merchants are competing to attract consumers with environmental protection signs. However, when they ask for the test report, the shopkeeper hesitated and could not get it out

in addition, when asked what is the difference between a wooden door of more than 1000 yuan and a wooden door of 10000 yuan, the shopkeeper could not say why, but said, "you can get the goods for every penny. The quality of expensive things must be good." To prevaricate

"first, considering the performance and economy, the 2000 yuan wooden doors are basically composite wooden doors. It can't be any solid wooden doors. The wooden doors contain adhesives and paint, and environmental protection is not good. Don't listen to them. I suggest you buy wooden doors of such a big brand as ours, so the quality can be guaranteed." In another brand wooden door sales store, the salesperson directly exposed the background of his peers

the survey found that in the face of wooden doors with a wide range of brands and huge price differences in the market, most consumers also fell into a difficult choice. "To tell you the truth, I really don't know what is good. I can only choose by virtue of price and brand awareness." Consumer Ms. Zheng's words represent the attitude of many consumers. "The wooden doors are new. We can't scrape open them with a knife to see what's inside. We can only listen to the merchants themselves."

embarrassment: the industry standard lacks supervision, but the management is difficult.

the quality disorder in the wooden door industry has also aroused the concern of the insiders. Sunhao, who is engaged in wooden door business in Daocheng, told us that most of the new log wooden door brands in the market are OEM products. Many log wooden door products under the banner of "tall and high" are actually produced by some small domestic manufacturers, and the quality is not guaranteed. However, these manufacturers, with the gimmicks of "solid wood" and "environmental protection", rely on low prices to seize the market. "If the solid wood door market is occupied by these low-cost low-quality wood doors, it will only frustrate consumers' trust in the whole industry, and eventually the whole solid wood door industry will be destroyed."

according to the survey, the market order of wooden doors is still relatively chaotic, with low access threshold, serious homogenization and uneven product quality, which have affected the healthy development of the industry to varying degrees. In addition, in the standards for solid wood doors implemented at this stage, there is no separate standard description and requirements for solid wood doors, nor is there a special standard for consumers to identify the quality of solid wood doors. It is precisely because of the lack of industry standards that the regulatory authorities are also faced with the embarrassing situation that there are no standards to rely on

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