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How high is the electricity charge? The old electrician taught you to do this to save 50% of the electricity consumption. Every family in rural areas uses

with the improvement of living standards, there are more and more electrical appliances in farmers' homes. More and more electricity bills have been paid, so electricity bills have become a major living expenditure of farmers. In the future, a new round of rural electricity transformation will be launched in rural areas, including the replacement of old lines, replacement of specification wires, replacement of mechanical meters and replacement of intelligent meters

the current smart meters are more accurate, the power consumption has also been made public, and the power consumption of farmers is more transparent. Now many farmers who have installed meters report that after installing smart meters, the electricity cost has increased than before. What is this

after the electricity reform, many farmers reported that they felt that electricity charges had increased. Is that really the case

according to the survey, the high electricity cost is not the unit price of electricity but the overall cost of electricity

for example, in the past, it was 0.5 yuan/kWh, and 50 yuan a month. It is still 0.5 yuan/kWh, but it costs 80 yuan a month

in fact, the electricity meter runs fast at home, mainly because some household appliances consume electricity repeatedly. Today, I will share with you some tips for saving electricity and money

big power consumer 1: refrigerators

the freezer of refrigerators generally has a temperature control knob, which ranges from 0 to 7. The higher the number, the lower the temperature in the freezer. In spring and autumn, it can be set to gear 1 or 2 in summer, and to gear 4 or 5 in winter. The temperature control of the refrigerator shall be adjusted according to the season, so as to ensure that the refrigerator can work reasonably according to the season and naturally save the most electricity

the second largest power consumer: water heater

if a built-in electric water heater is installed at home, it is best to keep the water heater powered on all the time and set it in the insulation state. Because it takes less electricity to keep warm for a day than to heat a box of cold water to the same temperature

the third largest power consumer: rice cooker:

soak the rice before cooking: soak the rice for 30 minutes before cooking, and use the residual heat effect of the rice cooker after power failure to heat the food. A 700W rice cooker saves a lot of time than a 500W rice cooker. Therefore, a 700W rice cooker saves electricity

saving electricity is actually very simple. If you put this energy-saving treasure on the socket, you will pay half the electricity bill a month

a power saver is not stealing electricity, nor is it an electric meter controller. It can save electricity by regulating the zero line and live line of the switching power supply. The principle is to reduce the conductive loss and save electricity locally by compensating and saving electricity, so as to save local electric energy without any interference. Buying one year can save a lot of money. Smart people know how to do it

more advanced, more power-saving and safer. It can reduce the current electricity expenditure except for man-made. Extend the service life of electric appliances, especially one year after the rapid growth in 2012, reduce the loss of electrical appliances and lines, improve the use efficiency of electrical products, and the whole house can enter the energy-saving state after use

the electricity bill in my family is too long. My friend introduced me to use this energy-saving treasure, which can slow down the electricity meter and save half of the electricity a year compared with hot-rolled steel plate. Watching the meter go slower and slower every month, I was secretly happy

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interested friends directly click on the blue font above to purchase [energy saver]

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