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The highlight of packaging design is the right way of color.

"looking at color from a distance and looking at flowers from a distance", color has the preemptive effect, and people's first impression of goods is also derived from the color of packaging. Therefore, color plays an important role in commodities that need strong shelf impact. The choice of color is very important for packaging design

here, I just talk about how to make the color of commodity packaging design communicate with consumers' psychology, that is, to achieve the right color of packaging design. So, how to talk with consumers through color

first of all, we should understand the characteristics of color itself and its psychological and emotional effects on people. For example, red is the most stimulating and easy to attract attention. Its emotional symbolic meaning is sweet, rich, happy, nutritious, positive, energetic, joyful, warm, festive, stimulating, etc; Yellow is the brightest color. It represents crispness, fragrance, purity, warmth, moisture, brightness, etc; Purple is a backward and quiet color, which gives people an elegant, precious, sweet, mellow and profound feeling

secondly, we should study the psychology of consumers, that is, we should consider the following five factors

first, age and gender. Color is divided into gender and age, and the choice of color should be based on the positioning of product design and the object of product sales. Generally speaking, children like bright colors. For example, the baby is partial and can smoothly realize the industrialization of good red and yellow; Children aged four to nine love red best; Children over nine years old like green best; For students aged 7 to 15, the colors that boys like are green, red, green, yellow, white and black, and the colors that girls like are green, red, white, green, yellow and black. By comparison, it is not difficult to see that girls prefer white more than boys. Green and red are the common favorite colors of boys and girls, and black is not very popular. Young people like bright and warm colors, such as yellow, orange and pink. Older people tend to have a flat tone. Generally speaking, bright colors are more popular with women

second, we should consider the influence factors of culture and religion. Different nationalities, different customs and habits, different hobbies and Taboos; The education level and cultural level are different, and the preference for color is different. Some people believe that the level of education is directly proportional to the preference for intermediate colors. Some ethnic minorities in the Loess Plateau and Yunnan Guizhou plateau or people in remote mountainous areas like bright red and green, which are not only harmonious and unified with the desolate and thick plateau and mountain background of their lives, but also the external expression of their tenacious vitality and their love for life in the process of production. For cities with a higher degree of modern civilization, people prefer elegant, fresh and bright colors. For Chinese and Westerners, Westerners regard pink as the color of life, because pink has sentimental, excitable and romantic feelings, which corresponds to the warm, outgoing and exaggerated character of Westerners; The Chinese people regard green as the color of life. Green symbolizes hope, youth and vitality. Green also represents peace and stability. It has the emotional element of being content with the status quo and seeking peace, which is inseparable from the implicit, steady and peaceful beauty of the Chinese nation (2) the successful completion of the task of canceling the steel bars

third, consider marketing. Different commodities have different requirements for packaging color. For beauty cosmetics, soft, delicate and clean colors, such as pink, light yellow and white, can be used; In food packaging, generally, the tender green represents the freshness of vegetables, the blue and white represents the coolness and taste of pure water and mineral water, the high-purity red, yellow and orange reflect the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of food, and the rich multicolor expresses the perfect mellowness and long history; Toys are packed in bright colors with strong and bright color contrast, which is suitable for children's psychological characteristics

different sales markets of the same commodity have different packaging color requirements. Especially for export commodities, we must make clear what color the people of that country like and what color they avoid. For example, in Southeast Asia and Europe, yellow is regarded as a noble royal color, representing sanctity and dignity; In the United States, yellow is also a popular and widely used color; But in Japan, yellow has a sense of immaturity, symbolizing suffering and tending to death. Therefore, the "Pepsi Cola" beverage, which has been selling well in the United States, failed miserably in the Japanese market because the main color of the packaging trademark is yellow

different grades of commodities should have different colors. The packaging colors of high-end commodities strive to be noble and gorgeous, such as gold and silver; Middle and low-grade commodities should focus on the psychology of consumers, and should be reconciled with the commodity itself

fourth, consider the protection function of color. The color itself has the function of protection, light isolation and reflection. The color should be selected according to the characteristics of the commodity and the protection requirements. For example, beer bottles use brown and dark green, and glass medicine bottles also use brown to separate light, so as to extend the shelf life of commodities

fifth, consider seasonality. Color can make people associate with seasons. Yellow green represents spring, red brown and coffee represent autumn. Considering seasonality, it is particularly important for some seasonal commodities such as clothing, fruits and vegetables. Beer is filled in dark green bottles. On the one hand, it can prevent the sun from making 10 experiments. On the other hand, it can remind people of the green shade of the jungle in summer

people often say that the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple are just like the seven notes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 in the sound, which can play a wonderful movement with endless changes. As long as we understand the basic characteristics of color, study the characteristics of the commodity itself, touch the psychology of consumers, and apply the "seven notes" of color, we can correctly select the color of packaging, design the commodity packaging welcomed by customers, add icing on the cake for the commodity, make the whole commodity meet the needs of consumers, and improve the market competitiveness of the commodity

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