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The process of waiting is always difficult. It will really drive people crazy if the construction is delayed when decorating. Philosophically speaking, "existence is reasonable", so what is the reason for the construction delay

the process of waiting is always difficult. It will really make people crazy if the construction is delayed during decoration. Philosophically speaking “ Existence is reasonable ”, So what are the reasons for the construction delay

reason one: unreasonable process arrangement or worker deployment

decoration is a relatively complex project, which requires the integration of a variety of resources to achieve the integration of design, construction and home configuration. In this process, the things that need to be done are trivial and complex, which requires the decoration company to have excellent management ability. Many decoration delay projects stem from many home decoration companies' one-sided pursuit of orders without a reasonable analysis of their scheduling ability for construction, installation, etc., which finally leads to the disconnection of many projects from the agreement in the implementation

reason two: the decoration scheme keeps changing

after the construction starts, the continuous change of the decoration design scheme is also a major reason for the decoration delay. Among them, some changes are not confirmed clearly by the owner in the early stage, and they are not required to be changed until after construction; There may also be decoration companies to increase the budget, designers or construction teams for various reasons

reason three: the main materials failed to enter the site on time

now many owners choose the half package decoration method. The decoration company is responsible for the construction and basic auxiliary materials, while the main materials need to be purchased by the owners themselves. If the main materials are not mobilized on time, the construction time may have to be postponed. In addition, the decoration workers may continue to delay the construction period due to the disruption of the schedule





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