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Apple mobile phone is one of the favorite mobile phone brands, because it is very powerful in terms of mobile phone interface and functional software

Apple mobile phone is one of the favorite mobile phone brands, because Apple mobile phone is very powerful in terms of mobile phone interface and functional software. Although Apple 6 has appeared for some time now, apple 4 is still used by many people. How can Apple 4 connect to computers

how does Apple 4 connect to a computer

step 1: Download and install the latest version of iTunes program from Apple's official website

step 2: after the iTunes program is installed, open the software and log in the software with apple ID

step 3: connect the mobile phone to the computer with a data cable, and iTunes can automatically recognize the mobile phone. The “ Database ” Is the content on the mobile phone

step 4: now increase or reduce the content of each column under the database (that is, the mobile phone) according to your own wishes. The operation method is similar to the operation of general audio-visual software. There are two main ways:

1 You can click “ File ” Menu, select “ from the pop-up menu; Add files to the database ” Or “ Add folder to database ” Command, then find the required file in the open dialog box and select “ Open ” OK

2. You can also use a simpler method to drag files directly from the computer folder to the iTunes database

step 5: after the operation is completed, click sync on iTunes to update the data in the phone


it is recommended not to fully synchronize, but only synchronize the corresponding items, such as only “ Video &rdquo

it is recommended to use the synchronization assistant. Some netizens reported that iTunes is easy to cause problems in the address book

how does Apple 4 connect to the computer iTunes?

if there is no response at all, iTunes help run the diagnostic program to check the device connectivity test

if it still doesn't work, try the following methods

1: check whether the version of iTunes is too low

2: try connecting to another machine or changing a data cable

3: start the attempt in DFU mode

4: if a friend has Apple's mobile product nano iPad iPhone t You can borrow a connection like ouch to try

5: uninstall completely again (after uninstalling, check whether there are other folders or files under C disk c:documents and settingsadministratorapplication dataapple computer folder and your iTunes installation folder, if any, to delete them together) and then restart the computer to install again

how can the apple 4 Mobile phone connected to the computer not display

many netizens reported that their apple 4 can't be displayed when connected to the computer. What's the matter and how to solve it? Learn:

1. Before connecting to the computer with apple 4 mobile phone, you need to find USB debugging in the place where the link is set on the mobile phone. Select USB debugging and check it. Only in this way can you successfully link to the computer. Otherwise, your connection to the computer is only a charging mode, and it is impossible to successfully link

2. What's more, when connecting the computer, open the mobile phone to see if a link interface of the mobile phone is found. Some mobile phones can also set USB debugging on that interface. After selecting it, the computer will display it

3. If you have downloaded and installed the iTunes program, the system will generally connect to the device of your mobile phone by default

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