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Wang Li, a strategic cooperation company, once placed a very urgent order. 1800 doors need to be supplied within 15 days. If the order is completed, a strategic cooperation agreement for the next year will be signed. The whole company worked together and finally completed

people often say that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Especially in an enterprise or unit, the team is the most powerful, and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished

once, a strategic cooperative real estate company of Wang Lifeng placed a very urgent order for 1800 doors, which needed to be supplied within 15 days. If the order is completed, we will continue to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with us for the next year. Everyone feels that this is an impossible task. Therefore, after receiving the order, the company immediately held an emergency special meeting to discuss the Countermeasures of the project. Engineering, procurement and supply, planning, production and technology all attended the meeting. After the discussion reached an agreement, they began to perform their respective duties and work in an orderly manner

from receiving the order to checking the size, direction and quantity of the door opening on site, the engineering department spent only one day and one night, including the technical department issued two deepening drawings, which took one and a half hours

then, the internal staff began to register the contract, and the marketing department followed the approval process to arrange orders. The purchasing department should pay close attention to purchasing raw materials. The planning department arranged the emergency order insertion process and printed the production batch number in advance. The sheet metal workshop starts production immediately after receiving the task. In each process of production, each team will work overtime after completing the production task of the day, racing against the clock. Then the products began to be warehoused and delivered

in the afternoon of the 15th day, the last truck arrived at the construction site. Seeing the workers' hot unloading and going upstairs, the general manager of Party A nodded with satisfaction and gave a thumbs up to our project manager

later, our strategic agreement was successfully renewed for two years, and Party A also awarded us the "excellent supplier" trophy

this is just an ordinary rush event. In fact, when we work together, what seems impossible will become very simple and create countless miracles

with such a strong and high-performance team, how can Wang Li not make high-quality products? How can customers not be satisfied and moved

Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, said, "a person is only an angel with one wing. Only when two people hold together can they fly high." It is the so-called "unity of mind, its profit cut gold". Only the supervisor who can make the team members cooperate sincerely can build a strong team. Only such a team that can fight hard can better meet the challenges in the future

(source: Wang Lianfang)




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