Vanke Shanghai new site reduced prices by 30%, and

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(reporter sunxiaojing) located in Pudong, Shanghai “ Vanke Qinglin trail ” The new phase opened this morning with an offer of about 13000 to 14000 yuan per square meter, a significant decrease from 17000 to 18000 yuan in the previous period

at the same time, the “ Vanke Shangyuan ” The latest batch of houses are also falling in price. According to the statistics of online real estate, the minimum filing price of hardbound houses launched in July this year was 16400 yuan per square meter, and now the lowest filing price is only 11200 yuan per square meter, a decrease of more than 30%

xuejianxiong (Weibo), an analyst at China real estate information group, revealed that a month ago, they had heard that Vanke Shanghai was brewing the price reduction of its properties

“ Vanke has a huge cash flow. If the real estate sales are not strong in a few months, it will recover its funds through price reduction& rdquo; He analyzed. In the second half of this year, the sales volume of commercial housing continued to decline, and Vanke's capital withdrawal significantly decreased, while the previous investment was carried out according to the original plan, thus forming a capital gap of at least 10 billion, “ It is imperative to reduce prices to speed up the withdrawal of funds& rdquo;

in addition, Xue Jianxiong said that in the national sales of commercial housing this year, the decline in East China is the most significant, and in this region, the role of Shanghai cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is reasonable for Vanke to choose to sell at a substantial price reduction in Shanghai

for the outside world “ Price reduction across the board ” Vanke once replied to the media that they “ We will actively comply with the changing trend of the market, respect the actual situation of the market, set a reasonable price, and sell our products at the price that buyers are willing to accept& rdquo; When the reporter went to verify again, the personnel of Vanke Shanghai company said “ Weekends are inconvenient &rdquo




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